Disposing of Paint

Homeowner often ask us how to get rid of old paint. For some homeowners, this comes when they’re getting ready to sell a house. For other homeowners, this is a question that arises when they buy a home and inherit old paint stock. And finally for some of the more organized long term owners, it’s […]

Covid Paint Shortages Update: Yep; Still Going…

People have asked us a lot in the last two years about how COVID has impacted the painting world. Well, aside from the labor supply issues, which is a completely separate topic, paint shortages were the most unforeseen aspect. Without any reason that I can think of, it was the lower grade paints that disappeared […]

They Can Start Next Week (or tomorrow!)

Supply and demand. It’s a basic concept and it holds true for painting in Milwaukee. There are a relatively small number of truly good painting companies. The truly good painting companies are in high demand. All the time. Yes, they may have shorter lead times in winter but other than that, expect a few weeks […]

Buyer Beware! Common Tricks Painters Pull

I wish I could say that everyone in the world was an honest person. It would make life a lot easier. But as we all know, this is not the case. The same can be said for every business, and or each business person we encounter. As it pertains to painting, well, the industry isn’t […]

Cabinet Painting Color Selection: Tips for Success!

Choosing a color for cabinets is a major decision and due to the cost of cabinet painting in general, redoing them is not a cheap date. Here are some tips to help you end up happy! Have samples in hand, as pertaining to your project.  Flooring, countertops, hardware, etc. to coordinate all items. Use colors […]

Cabinet Painting & Kitchen Makeovers: Tips for Success!

Introduction:  You know that your cabinets can be painted, what’s next?  Here are some helpful reminders to hit a home run with updating your kitchen! Other Projects To Consider & Sequencing Them Lighting: please do this as an absolute first step, as the hue, total lumens, and placement of lights will all impact how color […]

Paint Supply Issues in the COVID Era

Paint Supply Issues in the COVID Era Since COVID was released into the world, it seems every industry on earth has been affected.  Including painting.  At first the only concern was the health and well-being of customers and our staff.  New protocols were put into place.  Time off for cautionary quarantine became a normal part […]

What to Know About Interior Painting and Staining

Painting and staining interior rooms are some of the most commonly attempted DIY home renovation projects. After all, they are relatively straightforward means of adding some color to a room or giving wood surfaces a new sheen without having to perform a full-scale replacement. However, properly performing a paint or stain job is about more […]

Cabinet Refacing vs. Painting

Cabinet Refacing vs. Painting: Which Do You Choose? As a professional painting contractor, we’re often asked about cabinet refacing vs. painting. When deciding whether or not you should reface or paint your cabinets, ask yourself, do you like the way your cabinet doors and drawer faces look? Yes? Then paint them. No? Then consider refacing. But What Is Refacing? […]

Improve Home Resale Value

Simple Ways To Improve Home Resale Value Using Paint & Restored Finishes Choosing which home improvements to make in order to sell a home for maximum gain can be a tricky task. “What’s the ROI on this or that?” are common questions. In the world of painting and finishing, here’s some no-nonsense wisdom on ways to improve […]

Hire the Right Painting Specialist

A Little Backstory When I started out as a “professional” painting contractor in 2004, I’d paint almost anything.  It was just me.  I needed to make money.  Any way I could.  Any project I could.  You name it.  Exteriors, decks, interiors, ceilings, walls, apartments, houses, condos, and I even took on a cabinet job (that […]