Hire the Right Specialist!

A Little Backstory When I started out as a “professional” painting contractor in 2004, I’d paint almost anything.  It was just me.  I needed to make money.  Any way I could.  Any project I could.  You name it.  Exteriors, decks, interiors, ceilings, walls, apartments, houses, condos, and I even took on a cabinet job (that […]

Integrity Breakdowns Can Haunt a Paint Job

Integrity and Painting Integrity is important.  In the business world, it means doing what is contracted.  In the day to day of contracting, it also means doing what is directed or instructed.  But what happens when there is a breakdown in the integrity of a paint job, or by a painting professional? What does that […]

Classic White or Ceilings with Color

My Background With Color Full disclosure, I am not a professional interior designer.  I have never taken an interior design class in my life.  However, I have seen thousands of rooms, across many style of home, throughout the Milwaukee metro area.  And thousands might be understated, it’s probably tens of thousands.  So when it comes […]

10 Best Home Improvements Under $10k Worth the Investment

10 Best Home Improvements Under $10k Worth the Investment Your home is meant to be a place of enjoyment. It’s where you relax after a long day of work, have friends over for backyard barbecues, and ultimately it generates wealth through building equity over the years. Making certain home improvements can also boost your home’s value – and […]

How Good is that Warranty?

Warranties…  They make us feel good, don’t they?  Or are you a skeptic?  Or tired of the checkout person trying to upsell you one on a product?!  Ha ha, I get it.  And having lived a decent amount of life, I can tell you I’m both skeptical and yet when I find a good one, it […]

The Best Paint To Use

Many an online article will talk about the best paint to use on your projects.  Of course, most of these articles are just advertisements rather than a qualified opinion.   So here’s the dirty and simple truth, the best paint to use is the best paint you can work with. With Colorwheel Painting, you can rest […]

Adding New Hardware to Kitchen Cabinets

Hinge and Handle Success When it comes time to refinish your kitchen cabinets, repaint your cabinets, or have your cabinets changed from stained to paint, there will be considerations to make about hardware.   Without a doubt, this is a great time to make a change.  However, what changes can you safely make?  Of consideration are […]

Why It’s Best to Hire a Painter With a Workshop

There are a lot of painters to choose from in most communities.  Knowing which one to choose can be a challenge.  Most people may know a painter.  While many people might ask a friend for a referral.  Yet there are those, many of those, who will turn to Google, Yelp, or otherwise to search one […]

How To Handle Your Painting Contractor’s Mishap

Interior painting projects are like any other home improvement project, things can and likely will go wrong.  So, when painting mistakes happen with your contractor, what do you do?  We offer the following constructive advice to navigate a problem. First and foremost, please remember your painting contractor is human.  And the truth is, despite the […]

Basic Principles for Choosing a Painting Contractor

Choosing a Painting Contractor: It sounds so easy.  You get a name from a friend, Google it, or even try Yelp, Angie’s List, Houzz, or others.  Yet if it is so easy, why are complaints so high in the industry?  Something doesn’t add up.  To find success in choosing a painting contractor, we suggest you follow […]

Removing Paint from Masonry

What to Know Before Removing Paint from Masonry Surfaces During any home renovation, it is likely that the paint will need to be touched up. While the paint stripping and reapplying process is generally straightforward for many building materials, matters can get a bit complicated when it comes to masonry, as the porosity of products […]