Our Owner Mike Madson Wins a Board Seat with NARI Milwaukee, The Largest Chapter in the Country!

   Your 2023 Officers and Board of Directors   Your votes matter! Over 60 NARI Milwaukee Members attended Choose + Brews at Leff’s Lucky Town where the 2023 Officer and Board of Directors were announced. Please welcome and congratulate the 2023 Officers and Board of Directors! Immediate Past President, Jessie Cannizzaro, MP, UDCP, CRPM Milestone Plumbing, Inc.President, Randy […]

The Hidden Value of Hiring a Patient Painter

People tend to oversimplify the process of painting and painting projects in general. It’s just paint, right?! Anyone can do it. And any painter is going to be pretty much fine because of that, right? Well, that really isn’t the case. In truth, there are many tricks of the trade, there are strict processes to […]

Differences Between Cabinet Refinishing vs. Cabinet Refacing

Oh the options… What is cabinet refinishing? What is refacing? What’s the difference? A broad search of the internet will likely make your head spin. Let us explain cabinet refinishing vs. refacing in a way that makes sense. Refinishing Cabinet refinishing is more or less restoring what you have, back to its original form. Think […]

What’s The Best Time To Paint Your Cabinets?

Colorwheel is often asked, “when is the best time to paint my cabinets?” And the answer is simple, anytime you want! Here’s some common examples of when to paint cabinets: The Finish Is Tired Your cabinets could be any age, original to the home, or just a couple years old. The bottom line is how […]

Milwaukee NARI Fall Home Improvement Show 2022

Colorwheel Painting is proud to announce that it will be an exhibitor at the 2002 Milwaukee NARI Fall Home Improvement Show. This years show will again be at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, offering a central location for metro Milwaukee residents. The dates of the show are October 14th, 15th, and 16th. A link to further […]

Former Sherwin-Williams Manager Chris Beitz Joins the Team

It’s not every day that a small, local painting company like Colorwheel Painting gets to hire someone who had worked for Sherwin Williams as a store manager. But, that day recently happened for us! Welcome Chris Beitz, we’re elated to have you join the Colorwheel team. Colorwheel prides itself on hiring top-tier, high quality people. […]

Mike Madson Makes a Run for NARI Milwaukee Board of Directors

Owner Mike Madson is making a run for the NARI Milwaukee board of directors. As a well-established interior painting and cabinet painting company, Mike feels it is important to give back. NARI Milwaukee is a great organization and Colorwheel is a proud member. Here’s what Mike wrote up for his bio. Hopefully he wins a […]

10 Tips for Properly Disposing of House Paint

Homeowners often ask us about properly disposing of house paint. For some homeowners, this comes when they’re getting ready to sell a house. For other homeowners, this is a question that arises when they buy a home and inherit old paint stock. And finally for some of the more organized long term owners, it’s just […]

A Brief 2022 Covid Paint Shortage Update

People have asked us a lot in the last two years about how COVID has impacted the painting world. Well, aside from the labor supply issues, which is a completely separate topic, paint shortages were the most unforeseen aspect. Without any reason that I can think of, it was the lower grade paints that disappeared […]

Quality House Painting | What To Be Aware of When Hiring

Supply and demand. It’s a basic concept and it holds true for quality house painting services in Milwaukee. There are a relatively small number of truly good painting companies. The truly good painting companies are in high demand. All the time. Yes, they may have shorter lead times in winter but other than that, expect […]

Buyer Beware! Common Tricks Painters Pull

I wish I could say that everyone in the world was an honest person. It would make life a lot easier. But as we all know, this is not the case. The same can be said for every business, and or each business person we encounter. As it pertains to painting, well, the industry isn’t […]