Living room with black and white tropical wallpaper and boho furniture

Professionals Can Remove Your Wallpaper

Living room with black and white tropical wallpaper and boho furniture

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Wall
Paper Installation And Removal In Brookfield

Save Yourself Time And Money With Wall Paper
Installation And Removal Services

Wallpaper installation and removal in Brookfield can be daunting due to the typical age of the homes– but it doesn’t have to be. Our professionals at Colorwheel Painting are standing by to help with your wallpaper needs, whether it’s removing old wallpaper to give your home a neutral look before putting it on the market or adding a personalized twist to your home with unique wallpaper.

As easy as the home vloggers make it look, wallpaper installation and removal is a time-consuming, meticulous job with many steps that leave no room for error – especially if your wallpaper has patterns. Mistakes can be costly and result in tedious removal and more money spent replacing materials. It’s just not as easy as scraping the paper off the wall!

Our skilled technicians use methods such as hot water, DIF solutions, and proper wallpaper steamers to remove wallpaper from the walls of your Brookfield home. We seldom use scoring tools since there is too high of a risk of these tools damaging your drywall.

When you need to install or remove wallpaper, save yourself time, effort, and money by hiring the professionals at Colorwheel Painting. Let’s look at the reasons for hiring professionals for wallpaper installation and removal.

1: Professional Wallpaper Installation Saves You Time

The prospect of embarking on your DIY wallpaper installation can be exciting at first. But after so many hours spent cutting, measuring, and pasting, you can quickly feel burned out before even completing a fraction of your project. And once you start, it’s very hard to stop – unless you want to look at ugly, half-finished walls for the foreseeable future.

Professionals are efficient and have specialized knowledge, so no time is wasted redoing measurements or figuring out where you went wrong when mistakes inevitably arise. Save yourself the stress by hiring professionals!

2: Professional Wallpaper Installation
And Removal Saves You Money

When you start a DIY wallpaper job, there are many costs you may not consider. While everyone plans on and budgets the wallpaper itself, the equipment costs can quickly add up and eclipse the price of what it would’ve cost to hire a professional team. Do you really want to buy a wallpaper table? Do you really want to try and do this on YOUR table?

Hiring a professional ensures you don’t have to dedicate so much time and money to the job. We charge an hourly rate for our wallpaper installation (and removal) services at Colorwheel Painting, and provide an upfront estimate ahead of time based on our years of experience. This allows you to budget accordingly.

3: Professional Wallpaper Installation
And Removal Ensures High Quality

Chances are, if you’re hanging wallpaper in your Brookfield home, you’re not looking to change it anytime soon. If you make a mistake and the wallpaper is crooked or it bubbles, you’ll be stuck looking at the error for years to come.

The same applies when removing wallpaper. Wallpaper removal isn’t as simple as many DIY videos make it look. Scoring tools can damage your walls by taking chunks out of your drywall, leaving you with a damaged, uneven surface on which to paint. Not a great scenario!

Professionals guarantee quality and usually have a warranty, so if you’re unsatisfied with their work, they’ll fix it. At Colorwheel Painting, our workmanship is backed by a one-year warranty, so if you’re dissatisfied with our work, we’ll come and make it right!

4: Professional Wallpaper Contractors Know What They’re Doing

Even the most seasoned homeowners can make mistakes regarding something as specialized as wallpaper installation and removal. While homeowners may know what wallpaper they like best for a particular area in their home, professionals know how to check the wall’s substrate to know which removal method would work best or what to do to make for the best installation possible.

Overzealous scoring often causes damage to drywall, which is why Colorwheel Painting chooses hot water, DIF solution, and steamers over scoring tools for seamless, precise wallpaper removal.

5: No Room For Error In DIY Wallpapering

Many projects are great for DIY, but wallpaper installation isn’t one of them. So many aspects of the job have to be perfect. The wall condition, measurements, and cutting are enough to send even the most hardened DIY enthusiast running for the hills.

Don’t risk making a mistake on your Waukesha County wallpaper installation. Choose the professionals at Colorwheel Painting for high-quality wallpaper and precision workmanship.

Where Can I Get The Best Wallpaper Installation And
Removal Services In Brookfield?

If you want to remove old wallpaper or spruce up your living space with some wallpaper that’s uniquely you, fill out our online form. No matter the size of your project, Colorwheel Painting is here to help!

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