Congratulations on your coming move to the greater Milwaukee area!  We love our community and realize that change is almost always hard, no matter how exciting, desired, or even unexpected.  At Colorwheel, we know that when you relocate to Milwaukee and our suburbs, there’s an immediate pressure and desire to turn your new house into a home, a nest, a sanctuary.  Luckily, we can help in making the stars align during this daunting period in your life.

As experts in this relocation process, you’ve just found the most caring, dedicated, truly personable painting company in Milwaukee.  With great confidence, we know how to do this and you’ll love the relative ease of it all!

  1.  Your online listings and photographs are one’s we can (usually) work up a budget from
  2.  You’ll get out of the middle when we work with your real estate agent to preview and/or access the home
  3.  Your needs will be discovered as we run you through our checklists
  4.  Spaces can be prioritized if the movers are coming in quickly!
  5.  Introductions can be made for other needs, from interior design to flooring, roofing to landscaping, you name it, our network is vast and unbeatable
  6.  Coordination with these other improvements will be well planned and executed
  7.  Your project will be done strictly on your timeline, meeting deadlines like your true move in day, or key spaces by a certain time

We can add more to this list, but you get the point.  In working with Colorwheel during your relocation to Milwaukee you make a choice toward an easy, low-stress painting project and a team that takes genuine interest in your move and satisfaction.  Heck, we’ll take you out for a beer when you get here or take you for a tour!

Contact us today at 414-708-6324, use the online chat (it’s really us!), or any of our contact us forms.