Home Improvements Before Selling

Selling a home is daunting and there are many questions to ask before listing:

  • How is the market?
  • Can I command top dollar?
  • What improvements do I make?
  • What do I risk leaving be?

Understandably, these questions leave many people overwhelmed.  Therefore, our owner sat down with John Gscheidmeier to have an in depth review of these topics.  Please listen to this Podcast created by John Gscheidmeier, MSM ABR BPOR PSA.  John is the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Service First, LLC.  His websites include http://www.soldwisconsin.com and he also founded http://protectingheroswi.com as well.  What a great program!

A Podcast Summary

The fact is that no matter how the market is moving, painting before selling your house will always help you command top-dollar for your home. The bigger question is where to invest the funds and which home improvements are necessary before selling your home.

  • Does the curb appeal convey this home has been cared for?
  • How much does the first impression matter?
  • Do I want potential buyers to question how I cared for other things…. the roof, furnace, plumbing, etc.
  • Does the interior feel inspire confidence, cleanliness, peacefulness, a blank slate or a “wow” factor?
  • Can I create a bidding war by making the home as most desirable as possible?
  • At the price point I’m listing, what will people really expect?

Colorwheel will help you mitigate spending while maximizing ROI.  Because we hold ourselves to high ethics, our consultants operate in good-faith with full honesty.  For instance, if a room looks good, we tell you.  If the ceilings are fine, we won’t sell ceiling work!   You get the idea.   You can expect us to isolate only what we feel you should do, and we’ll even prioritize the list.   And we do this quickly, with guaranteed completion dates. This way, you can schedule a photographer and get your listing to go live A.S.A.P. In conclusion, many a realtor recommends us because of the value of painting a house before selling. They know we get things done right, on time, and on budget.

Buying A New Place?

Most home improvements before selling are more affordable when done in an empty house. Consequently, consider having Colorwheel paint your new home before you move in. Even if you are tight on time, we can develop a plan that works for you!

Look at these advantages:

  • Empty spaces are more easily and quickly worked in, saving you money because we pass the time savings to you!
  • We guarantee our start date and finish date, planning our work with you, and then working our plan.  With this:
    • A project manager can even meet you at closing and get keys!
    • Colorwheel can put a lock-box on the home to facilitate coming and going
    • We schedule a day crew and night crew for especially tight timelines
    • Your heavily occupied spaces are done 1st, like bedrooms or a family room that’ll receive a large entertainment center
    • We’ll often come back AFTER you move in to do hallways and stairwells prone to move in damage
    • Non-furniture spaces like kitchens and bathrooms can be put on the back burner if we need to prioritize
  • Color selection is done prior, on or off-site, with us or an interior designer of your choice
  • Most odors dissipate before you move in
  • Even cabinet painting is sequenced to best suit your timeline
  • Our project is coordinated with other projects you need done
  • We have a trusted network of other professionals that can you can turn to, just ask!

For Those Relocating to Milwaukee

At Colorwheel, we know that when you relocate to Milwaukee and our suburbs, there’s an immediate pressure and desire to turn your new house into a home.  Rely on us to direct you to the nearest, most helpful paint store.  Or, let us choose colors for you.  Count on us as a leading professional in the area.  Don’t waste your time doing a ton of research on the hundreds of painting “companies” in our area.  We help in make the stars align during this transitional period in your life.

As experts in this relocation process, you just found the most caring, dedicated, truly personable painting company in Milwaukee.  With great confidence, we know how to do this and you’ll love the ease of it all!

Get a Proposal Going:

  •  We create a budget from your online listing and photographs
  •  You get out of the middle when we work with your real estate agent to preview and/or access the home
  •  By using our new mover checklist, we discover your needs
  •  Spaces are prioritized! We make a plan that makes the best sense for you, even planning a phase 2 to paint areas the movers are likely to damage.
  •  Introductions are made for other needs, from interior design to flooring, roofing to landscaping, you name it.  Our network is vast and unbeatable.
  •  Coordination with other improvements will be well planned and executed
  •  Your project will be done strictly on your timeline, meeting deadlines like your true move in day, or key spaces by a certain time

In summary, we can add more to this list but you get the point.  Above all, when working with Colorwheel you make a choice toward an easy, low-stress painting project and a team that takes genuine interest in your move and transition.  Heck, we’ll take you out for a beer when you get here!

Contact us today at 414-708-6324, use the online chat (it’s really us!), or any of our contact us forms.

For Agents, Brokers, and Real Estate Professionals

Colorwheel is a proud member of Milwaukee Real Producers.  We align with top agents and brokers throughout the metro area.  Milwaukee real estate agents know that they can trust Colorwheel.  We are responsive and on point.  We give fair and honest evaluations of customer’s needs.   Colorwheel IS a solid referral partner.  You and your clients will love us!