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Custom Paint Projects

Our custom paint projects bring a unique and personal touch to your space, enhancing it with charm, art, and so much more. Our artists Sheryl Zahn and Dan Duffy absolutely love this type of work. Their excitement for these custom paint projects carries into their work, producing quality, well-thought-out masterpieces. Each would be happy to sit down with you to better understand your vision, and provide an estimate for the project. There’s something for everyone to enjoy from custom murals, faux painting, custom painted furniture, and more.

Some inspirations:

  • custom scrolls and patterns on any ceiling or wall, around a light, along a backsplash, etc.
  • custom-colored painted furniture
  • hand painted, detailed work on furniture
  • mural work for your school, business, or home
  • birdhouses
  • mailboxes

A note on billing…. Please understand that these projects are typically billed on a time and materials basis, rather than for a set price.  This allows us to properly tackle the odd situations that often arise with such custom work.  While we’re happy to ballpark the cost, flexibility is needed for unforeseeable events, and more importantly for alterations and revisions to meet your needs and wants at all turns!

The Return of Faux Finishes

There are numerous styles of faux painting to explore, providing your space with varying textures, details, and characteristics. Some popular finishing styles include distressed, marble, embossment, imprints, highlights, and bark. We get it—sometimes, a plain wall just doesn’t do the trick. Opting for faux finishes adds the right amount of detail that transforms your space in numerous ways. When you feel you’d like an elite artist to tackle a project in your home, turn to Colorwheel’s Sheryl Zahn. She is capable of so much. She continually blows us away!

Storytelling Murals

Murals are large-scale paintings on grand surfaces. However, they offer more than just a life-size picture. They tell stories, encapsulating specific scenery, figures, and messages. Opting for a custom-painted mural gives you the opportunity to tell your story or recreate one you love. It brings a piece of you into your space, highlighting something you care about. It also acts as decoration, saving you time and money on decor. Murals transform walls into their very own decorative pieces. Not to mention it also means you won’t be drilling holes you’ll later need to patch up.

Characteristic Furniture

Are you bored with your furniture? Well, a little bit of paint goes a long way. Custom-painted furniture fills your space with one-of-a-kind pieces that make any space exciting. It adds colors, textures, and details that enhance a sofa or table into functional artwork. The next time you find yourself uninspired with your furnishing, give Colorwheel Painting a call at (414) 708-6324, and our artists will swoop in to save the day.

If your space needs a personal touch or just an upgrade in general, our custom paint projects provide the perfect solution for your needs. From faux painting to custom-painted furniture and various special projects in between, at Colorwheel Painting, our artistic experts Sheryl Zahn and Dan Duffy can handle it all—and they’ll gladly do it too. Reach out to Milwaukee’s best painting contractor via our contact page to enhance your space with unique touches of paint.

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