Wallpaper Installation & Removal

Wallpaper Installation and Removal in Southeast Wisconsin

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal, surface remedy, and painting is a very common update in the homes we service.  It can be a daunting DIY task and few people really have the time, patience, or stamina to make it happen.

How It’s Done:

The type of substrate impacts the removal approach.  Plaster surfaces are physically harder and more resistant to “removal abuse.”  For plaster, the options range from using hot water, to DIF, to the use of a steamer.  On the contrary, drywall is soft and takes a more gentle approach.  Consequently, Colorwheel often uses steamers on drywall, which greatly reduce the risk of damage.  Scoring with a paper tiger or similar tool is generally avoided.  One must be very careful.

How It’s Priced:

As experienced industry professionals, Colorwheel adheres to the industry standard of wallpaper removal on a time and materials basis.  What’s that?  In short, the task itself is billed hourly at our current billing rate.  The materials themselves are billed too, but these are generally minimal.  Concerned We’d Milk the Clock when handling wallpaper removal in Southeastern Wisconsin? Don’t be!  Let’s put your mind at ease:

  1. Our customers are our best source of future work, referrals, and positive reviews. Therefore, we have every motivation to keep you happy!
  2. Truth be told, our painters don’t really enjoy the removal process.  As a consequence, they want it done as fast as possible!

Common Mistakes:

  • Scoring tools, used with too much power, damage drywall substrate
  • DIF solution gets on adjacent surfaces like trim or flooring
  • Hot water (or water-DIF mix) saturates woodwork, causing warping or other damage such as discoloration
  • Paste residue gets tracked across floors
  • Paper tidbits get embedded into flooring
  • Electrical outlets short circuit when not properly covered or monitored
  • Moisture levels impact other product application (excessive steam on ceiling when painting of ceiling occurs)
  • Assuming all glue is gone when in fact sealing/priming is critical to paint adhesion

Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper installation in Southeastern Wisconsin is one of the easiest (visually easiest) ways to bring high-impact, unique, even rare touches to your home.  Whether you choose a subtle design or a brilliant eye-catching pattern, the point is, the choice is yours!  Otherwise, we’d recommend that you work with an interior designer  and/or a wall-covering store to help you in this endeavor of wallpaper installation in Southeastern Wisconsin.

How It’s Done

Sheryl carefully reviews the manufacturers installation guide.  In addition, she knows that she must understand the pattern, the repeat, and more.  She then  measures, cuts, pastes, and places each piece! Because she is extremely picky by nature (said with love), she won’t leave until it completely meets her expectations.

How It’s Priced

Because each project is so unique, Sheryl must know what paper you have chosen.  In addition, she must look at the space first-hand in order to come up with a price.  Ultimately, the total price of the project comes from the paper, materials, and labor and that is unique to every job.

For more information on our wallpaper removal and installation in Southeastern Wisconsin, contact us today.


Peel and Stick Paper Installation

Yes, we install peel and stick paper as well.  While many people think this is much faster, it does still have technical requirements.  A good wallpaper installer from Colorwheel can be sent to ensure this project goes well.   Please ensure that you have enough paper for the job!


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