Cabinet Painters in Delafield, Wisconsin | Cabinet Refinishing

Painting of cabinets is the most impactful change of any painting project in your home.  Scroll to the bottom of our cabinet page and see for yourself!  And when it comes to cabinet painters, nobody does it better than Colorwheel.  16 plus years in business, Colorwheel perfected its cabinet painting process in 2013.  Since that time, Colorwheel has grown to paint more cabinets than any painter or painting company in southeast Wisconsin.   At least, we’re pretty sure.  On average, 3-4 cabinet jobs are done per week, with 200-250 done in a year.  That is a lot of cabinets!   We paint oak cabinets, maple, birch, cherry, and others. They all turn out beautiful.  Please allow us to bring our Delafield, Wisconsin, cabinet painting to you!

Know Your Options

Our cabinet painters can work with previously painted cabinets, stained and finished cabinets, or raw cabinets.  Each requires a similar but slightly different approach.  Don’t forget that Colorwheel also does cabinet refinishing.  With refinishing, we find that many customers like the look of their cabinets but simply need them spruced up.  If there are damaged areas we can also, most often, fix them.  The same type of damage can often be fixed for painted cabinets too.

During cabinet refinishing projects, you’ll also want to consider hardware changes.  You may update knobs, handles, hinges, remove them, add them , alter locations, and more.  Our favorite place to shop hardware is Neu’s Hardware Gallery.  It’s a bit of a trip to Menomonee Falls, but it’s worth it.

Our Experience Benefits You

With our experienced cabinet painters in Delafield, Wisconsin, there are few problems we can’t remedy.  There are also few kitchens that we don’t have an idea for.  In the end, our experience has taught us that the right products and people are BOTH  needed to make this a success.  Short cuts can’t be taken.  No product overcomes poor workmanship.  No great worker can overcome poor product.  For this reason, we’ve carefully selected and tested the products we’ve used.  We also have an in-house, employee based work force that does our cabinet painting.  This is not subcontracted work, nor should it be.  Our cabinet painters paint cabinets almost exclusively through the year.  Yes, we give them breaks with other kinds of work, but they do a ton of it.   This means you get beautiful, lasting craftsmanship done by a talented, caring person.  On top of this, Colorwheel offers a great 5-year pro-rated warranty on all our cabinet painting in Delafield, Wisconsin.  Should you need it, we’ll be here.

Remember the Counter Tops Too

Colorwheel’s customers asked us to provide counter tops to them, so, we do!  Since summer of 2019, Colorwheel established relationships with local countertop showrooms.  Actually, we’ve known these people for years, we just made it official.  Now, we can help you with the entire process of replacing your old countertop with a new, updated counter.  Marble, granite, or quartz are the most popular options.  We’d be happy to measure them and get you pricing.  We’ll ensure these counter tops work with your paint color too.  For more information about counter top replacement, please click here.