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Our Experts & Connections Help You Navigate Color!

At Colorwheel, we understand that people have different expectations and mindsets about color.  They may have vastly different needs too.  One person might say “I’m good with anything neutral” and another might spend hours deciding between 3 shades of blue.   Ultimately, the goal is simple: make you happy!  For this reason, we offer 3 levels of color selection assistance:

Basic; Colorwheel’s Project Consultant Help:

When you sign a proposal, our project consultants will help you with basic color selection.  By which, we mean one or two colors for a project, taking limited time.  That said, the experience of the consultants varies and none had professional training in color theory.  They do not claim to be interior designers or “professional” color consultants.  Simply, each is around the world of color and has a good sense of what works.  To begin, we ask you to find a few color chips you like.  Then we help you see underlying colors, tweak them as needed, and zero in on a good choice.  If you really don’t know where to start, Google “popular paint colors” and there are many results.

Medium Help; Colorwheel Artist Consultation:

For those who want a trained color consultant for whatever reason, we offer them.  At this level, one of our artists will meet with you and help you select colors.  The time is billable.  There is an appearance fee and hourly rate thereafter.  You do not have to be a colorwheel customer in order to use this service.  That’s to say, you can hire JUST a color consultant from Colorwheel.  Each consultant has an impeccable eye for color, color theory training, knows colorants, pigments, and has a great understanding of color coordination and design.  The downfall is they are not experts in other materials like window coverings, upholstery, and more.

Advanced Help, Referral to a Deign Professional:

For those with exacting taste, and/or a much larger project going on, we give referrals to designers.  These designers have serious credentials and excel at providing a completely cohesive design in each room, room after room, through a home.  They are experts in bringing it all together, from floor to rug, rug to furniture, furniture to window treatments, art, decor, and more.   In fact, many act as personal shoppers, they meet or escort you to stores for furniture and decor assistance.  OR they do the shopping and bring the selections to you.  As for fee arrangements, they vary from designer to designer, and across project type.

No Matter What, Remember You’re in Control!

Upon review of the above, people often worry that Colorwheel or even a professional color consultant might suggest an outrageous color scheme.  But remember, professional color consultants—at least the good ones—are experts at executing your tastes, not theirs or anyone else’s.  You do not have to agree with them.  You can over ride decisions.  Remember, It’s all about you.  Your dollars.  Your home.  


Vendors We Use

Unlike most painting companies in Milwaukee, we buy products that best fit your job.  That means we use any and all resources available.  We are not beholden to one vendor, and don’t believe any one vendor has a “best product” for every situation.  A list of the vendors that we use can be found here

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