Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing

Your Tired Cabinets Can Be Brought Back to Life!

With Colorwheel Painting at the helm, we can take a tired (and even failing) stained & finished cabinet system and bring it back to life with our cabinet refinishing in Southeastern Wisconsin!  The biggest questions are:

  1.  What do we want this to look like?
  2.  What CAN we make this look like?
  3.  How much will this cost?

Not Sure what to Do?

Your best course of action is to contact us, and we’ll facilitate a meeting between you and our artist Sheryl.  She will come to your home to look at the cabinets and make suggestions.   Often, the condition of the cabinets themselves will dictate the best course of action and leave you with the following options:

  1. Use the Same Color, spot treat areas or do a complete overhaul
  2. Create a new, but DARKER color, which we call COLOR VARNISHING

Colorwheel has successfully done many projects of this nature, and we’d be happy to help with your cabinet finishing project too!  Please use the Contact Us form or call 414-708-6324 between 10am and 3pm weekdays.

And the Cost?

While it’s impossible to quote something like this via the internet, you’re looking at a one day minimum of $550 for onsite cabinet refinishing in Southeastern Wisconsin.  This typically allows for spot treatments of varying degrees.  A whole kitchen refinish will often be around $2700 to $3500.  Full color varnishing in a darker color can range from $2700 up to $7000 as a sliding scale related to the size of your kitchen.

Something Else Need Sprucing Up?

Doors and frames, Windows and frames, especially windowsills….  are also common items that need refinishing or color varnishing.  Sheryl is an expert with this and she’d be happy to look at your project.

A Time Lapse Example:

In the video below, the highly-talented Sheryl transforms this oak built-in bookcase and fireplace system from an original color to a rich, dark, espresso tone.  Above the fireplace gets primed and painted to add additional contrast.  Please feel free to forward through the video to see how the project goes!



Photo Examples of Color Varnishing, Before/After Respectively:




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