Interior Painting Near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

The Menomonee Falls area is a common visit for Colorwheel professional painting services.  The housing boom in the 90’s and early 2000’s placed thousands of builder grade cabinets into the area.  Just think of the neighborhoods off of Lilly Road and Pilgrim Road.  It’s endless!  Custom homes have also reached a maturity that makes them ripe for cabinet painting near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  Colorwheel is also seeing newer homes off Silver Spring with very dark cabinets that may be trendy at first but can ultimately feel like a black hole in the home.  No matter your situation, if you’re looking for a cabinet painter near Menomonee Falls, Colorwheel is the company to turn to!

What Makes Us the Expert?

Colorwheel interior painting near Menomonee Falls includes kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinets, and laundry room cabinets than any other painting company in the area.  Does doing more simply make us better? Of course not.  However, over the years we’ve paid strict attention to all that we do.  Our research at the front end, and learning along the way, has brought us a wealth of knowledge.  Colorwheel Painting’s process is strictly adhered to and does not skip a step.   We have made a careful selection of the products we use.  Equally important, the application is done by seriously talented painters.  As a result, this combo is hard to beat!  To learn more about our cabinet painting near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, please visit the main cabinet page by clicking here.

How Do We Get Started?

Colorwheel is a no-pressure company.  This means that the best approach (our process) is the one that’s best for YOU.   You can use a contact us form on the website or call us anytime – with salesman who take calls into the evening hours.  You could send us photos of your cabinet painting project too.  In light of 2020 events, we even set up virtual meetings using programs like Google Hangouts, Facetime, and the like to get started on your cabinet painting near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  However, hands down, the best approach is to have us visit your home for about an hour of information sharing and gathering.  During this time, we may disclose rough pricing, but there is no attempt to “get a sale” as no proposal, or contract, is created at that time.

What Assurances Are There?

Our assurances comes from a holistic approach.   Therefore, no one thing should be the deal maker.  Please consider:

  • We’ve been providing interior painting near Menomonee Falls since 2004 and continue to slowly, carefully grow
  • We’ll paint roughly 200 kitchen cabinet projects in a year, that’s 3-4 a week
  • Reviews and testimonials are plentiful, have you noticed there isn’t one bad review about our cabinet work?   In today’s day and age, that’s a good sign!
  • The photos on our website are of OUR WORK, nothing stock, nothing stolen from search engines.  These are real, local, Milwaukee metro area cabinet projects.  Photos -Scroll to the bottom.
  • Our cabinet painters almost always, and almost ONLY, paint cabinets.  For example, think of it like a surgeon, most specialize for a reason…
  • With full transparency, sample doors are brought to your home for you to see.  These are ACCURATE samples.  This means they are what you can truly, and fairly expect your cabinets to look like.
  • The work is all backed by a great, 5-year pro-rated warranty

Trust in Colorwheel for Your Cabinet Painting near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin!