Cabinet Painting in Muskego, Wisconsin

Muskego has grown leaps and bounds.  Years ago, Colorwheel was rarely in the area. Now we’re in here every week for cabinet painting in Muskego, Wisconsin.  Just 20 minutes from our workshop, Muskego offers an abundance of homes just waiting for Colorwheel’s touch.   Most of our Muskego cabinet painting happens on builder grade cabinets.   These are the cabinets built in mass, readily available, and hung by the original home builder.  In truth, they are perfectly nice cabinets; they function well, but can feel dated.   For instance, the lacquer finish breaks down near sinks and dishwashers.   We see a lot of oak and some maple or birch.   No matter the species, all of them paint up beautifully!   And great news, cabinet painting is done at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.  Colorwheel Painting will expertly transform your cabinets to a beautiful painted finish.

The Elephant in the Room: the Investment

Cabinet Painting the proper way is not a cheap or fast endeavor.  A wise homeowner will run from the allure of a low price because life has taught them that you get what you pay for.  And wise homeowners know that cheap labor isn’t good, and good labor isn’t cheap.  Colorwheel Painting prices most Muskego kitchen cabinet painting projects into a range of $4500 to $6500.  Yes, it’s an investment.  However; like any good investment, you get long lasting value!  To that degree, our cabinet painting in Muskego, Wisconsin, lasts.  It is not brittle or prone to failure.  In the event there is an issue, our dedication to service and a fantastic 5-year pro-rated warranty serve you well.

Getting Started

We realize people are at different points in their journey for cabinet painting in Muskego, Wisconsin, when they see this.  Some of you may have met us at a NARI, MBA, or Realtors Home and Garden Show while others saw us on social media, a billboard, heard a radio ad, or were directly referred.  Still more stumbled upon us doing a basic web search.  For these variations, we’re flexible in how this moves along.  For some, an initial phone call is tremendously valuable.  These often last 20-30 minutes.  For others, looking deeper into this website, FAQS, and seeing the photos is the right approach.  The Colorwheel team prefers to meet in person when possible.  It is, hands down, the best way to get things done!

Our Consultations are Free and Informative

Colorwheel Painting’s kitchen cabinets, laundry room, or vanity cabinet painting consultations are merely that -consultations.  We analyze your cabinet painting project.  Our vast experience in cabinet painting in Muskego, Wisconsin, allows us to advise you on what can and can’t be done.  Colorwheel helps you understand the sequence, timing, and greater project at hand.  And with great importance, when we meet, we bring truly accurate samples for you to see so that you see what to really expect.

When we visit we take a laid back approach and NEVER ask you to sign a proposal on site.  In fact, we don’t even present one.  We’ve found most our customers are very analytical and just need time to make a decision.  Above all, we respect this part of human nature and our process caters to it.

Contact Colorwheel for Your Muskego Cabinet Painting Needs!