Gray-Green Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pewaukee Colorwheel Painting

Update Your Cabinets With Professional Cabinet Painting

Gray-Green Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pewaukee Colorwheel Painting

Bringing Your Pewaukee Kitchen
Into The Current Era With
Cabinet Painting

Revitalize Your Tired, Outdated Cabinets
With A Fresh New Look

The eighties and nineties were great times – but not when they’re sticking around your kitchen. If you’re a Pewaukee homeowner with an older home, you’re likely stuck looking at old, outdated kitchen cabinets that make you feel like you’re trapped in the last century. Or at best, the early 2000’s.

But whole kitchen remodeling can be costly – not to mention time-consuming and inconvenient, as it usually means you and your family won’t have use of your kitchen for several weeks or even longer.

In many cases, upgrading your kitchen is as simple as refreshing your cabinets with a fresh new coat of paint. For the best cabinet painting in Pewaukee, Colorwheel Painting has you covered. We’ll fix imperfections, replace rusted and damaged hinges, and find the perfect colors to revitalize and transform your kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

Reface, Don’t Replace, Your Outdated Kitchen
Cabinets In Your Pewaukee Home

Replacing your cabinets is expensive. If your cabinets are outdated but in otherwise good working order, refacing is a less expensive option for budget-conscious homeowners. Plus, refacing your cabinets takes far less time, so you’ll have your kitchen back in way less time than if you were entirely replacing your cabinets!

Cabinet refacing includes cabinet painting, replacing doors and drawers, replacing hardware, and sometimes cabinet staining. Once our expert cabinet painters finish your cabinets, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!

Pink Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pewaukee Colorwheel Painting

What Are The Steps Involved In Cabinet Painting?

Cabinet painting isn’t as simple as choosing the color and slapping it on the cabinets with a paintbrush. There’s prep work that has to be done carefully and expertly, including but not limited to:

  • Completely cleaning and sanding all surfaces (in a virtually dustless way)
  • Removing and labeling all components (knobs, screws, hinges, etc.)
  • Using caulking and fillers to give cabinets a seamless look
  • Prime all surfaces before painting
  • Fix defects in all cabinet surfaces
  • Remove all doors and drawers
  • Paint and repaint cabinets
  • Re-install all items
  • Final touch-ups

Can I DIY My Cabinet Painting, Or Do I Need
The Job Completed By A Professional?

Due to the complicated cabinet painting process, we don’t recommend doing it yourself. So many components must be kept track of, and so many steps have to be done right. Dry times and process must be obeyed. You can’t shortcut this one. If something goes wrong, you’ll be stuck looking at your error for years to come.

When you hire Colorwheel Painting, we guarantee our expert painters will complete the job patiently, efficiently, and meticulously. Sit back and leave the work to us, then enjoy your seamless new painted cabinets!

How Do I Choose The Right Paint Color
For My Pewaukee Kitchen Cabinets?

Once you’ve decided to paint your kitchen cabinets, here comes the fun or overwhelming part. Many times, it’s both!

Understanding your individual style is the first step to narrowing down the right color for your cabinets. Do you have a spacious farmhouse kitchen? Or more of a sleek, modern feel?

Many modern kitchens use minimalist palettes of black and white, perhaps with a vivid splash of color as an accent. Traditional kitchens often use pastel palettes, with colonial kitchens having rich, saturated colors that give your home a warm, cozy feel.

At Colorwheel Painting, we offer a color consultation to help you better understand the impact color can have on your home. After all, the last thing you want is to choose a color you’ll later regret!

Should I Replace My Cabinet Hardware
As Part Of My Cabinet Restoration?

If your previous kitchen cabinets appear outdated, your cabinet hardware could be one of the factors contributing to their tired look. Replacing the hardware (such as knobs and hinges) of your cabinets can make a world of difference – especially when combined with fresh new paint!

For The Best Cabinet Painting In Waukesha County,
Look No Further Than Colorwheel Painting

Our satisfied customers agree that Colorwheel Painting equals high quality and stunning results. Don’t settle for less than the best based on a false promise of lowball prices.

With consistent 5-star reviews and a track record for unbeatable quality and friendly, courteous service, Colorwheel Painting has you covered!

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