Interior Painting in Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Colorwheel’s interior painting in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, comes with a five-year pro-rated, transferable warranty.  We are able to offer this warranty because we so firmly believe in all that we do.  Our approach comes from three main factors:

  1. First is the process we’ve developed.  It brings ease to the homeowner and yields lasting results.  We’ve listened to customer feedback, their wants and needs, and put it all together.
  2. Second comes the products we selected.  We isolated the best finish appearance and durability available.
  3. Third comes the secret sauce,  it’s the people we have!

To sum things up, when these three factors are combined the right way, you’ll get excellence every time you require professional cabinet painting services in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.   Countless customers have experienced this.  You can call them, visit them, see photos, and read testimonials.   The bottom line is that you can rest assured knowing your interior painting project will be a great experience with beautiful results.  We encourage you to contact us today!

Upgrades to Consider

Colorwheel often helps to facilitate other upgrades on kitchen cabinet painting projects. Consequently, we have a vast network of carpenters, cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians, and more to help these projects come together. To illustrate some of the wants/needs, options to consider are:

  1. New counter tops.  For which, we measure, and obtain pricing for you through our vendors.  Learn more here
  2. New sink and/or faucet
  3. Hinges of a different color, generally of the same size
  4. Hinge location changes, which must be well planned on the front end
  5. Hardware changes to handles, pulls, knobs, which also must be planned at the beginning
  6. Lighting
  7. Accented islands, select banks of cabinets
  8. Drawer slide upgrades, accessibility options
  9. Refacing with new doors or drawers
  10. Artistic techniques like glazing, pin striping, distressing, etc.

Key Timing Aspects

A typical project takes about 3-4 weeks from start to finish.  If you add upgrades, that window will get longer.  And we get it, that sounds like a long time but we’re really only in the house for about 4-7 days on average.  A counter top company is in for less than one day.  The other tradesmen are generally in for a couple hours of time at most.  But it’s a net effect.  For us, actually, most the time elapses within our off-site workshop.  But as they say, good things come to those who wait! This is especially true when it comes to cabinet painting in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. After completion, you’ll want to baby the space for about a week.  This does not mean bubble wrap the place, but just avoid washing them or hard use of them…. which none of our customers really do anyway.

With these timelines in mind, please be mindful we often have a backlog of projects too.  As a result, we encourage you to be pro-active in your planning.  Contacting Colorwheel 2-3 months in advance of your desired completion date is recommended.