Interior Painting in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

The housing stock in Pewaukee is certainly interesting! As local cabinet painters, we at Colorwheel truly appreciate the variety and beauty of the homes in the area. In fact, our owner Michael Madson bicycles through this community all the time—look for his custom Colorwheel jersey!  One of his favorite loops is around the lake, using the Lake Country trail, Maple Road, Shore drive, and Wisconsin to Prospect back to the trail.  He says it’s fun to pass by houses we’ve been in.  His family also frequents the beach, and a date night at Artisan 179 always goes over well.  Anyhow, Colorwheel hopes to add you and your home to this growing list of customers to bump into!

From quaint lake homes to homes in the neighborhoods created in the last few decades, such as Still Meadow and The Highlands, Colorwheel can handle all interior painting needs in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Our cabinet painting service continually impresses and transforms homes in the area.  We’re the local cabinet painters that take careful, precise steps to transform original builder’s cabinets—as well as custom cabinets in oak, maple, or birch—from looking tired or outdated into a fresh and new appearance.  Colorwheel paints not only kitchen cabinets, but laundry room cabinets, and bathroom vanities as well.  Check out our full list of other interior services too that you can navigate to from the home page.

Paint the Cabinets, Really?

Dollar for dollar, painting cabinets can’t be beat.   Add in a new counter top and new hardware, and now it’s a really big change!  Conveniently, Colorwheel helps with all those things!  Our custom cabinet painting in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is typically one-fourth of the cost of a basic remodel, and often, the ratio is even better.  With many remodel firms saying a kitchen remodel will start at $100,000, we can often paint cabinets and help you get new counter-tops for under $20,000.  Of course, this will vary on the size and your selections.  Kitchen cabinet painting and hardware changes are almost always less than $8,000.  And better than that, the best R.O.I. is that they’re beautiful, durable, and long- lasting.

So, What About Oak Cabinets?

Don’t be fooled by people who say oak cabinets can’t be pretty.  Colorwheel has developed an oak reducing process that yields fantastic results.  Don’t believe us?  See for yourself!  Contact Colorwheel for a consultation and we’ll bring a sample, painted oak door, direct to you.  We’ll let you judge it for yourself.  Our sample is meant to be incredibly realistic and true to our capabilities.  The open grain, especially end grain, gets greatly reduced.  The open pits and deep veins almost go away.  The final result is a door that looks like wood, with a natural grain pattern that shows through, and it’s gorgeous!  In our experience, the only way it won’t work for you is if you desire a perfectly smooth surface like those created by using MDF, Maple, Birch, or similar hard and tight grained woods.   If this is the case, refacing might be a better option for you.

Assurances to Count On

Colorwheel knows that with any big spend, there is often apprehension.  Our assurances come from many angles and are meant to give you peace of mind when you’re thinking about cabinet painting in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  No one thing should be the deal maker or deal breaker.  Please consider:

  • Colorwheel is an established local business, here since 2004 and continuing to grow
  • Our accountability runs high as active NARI members, well networked with many fellow top tier members
  • We’ll paint roughly 200 kitchen cabinet projects in a year, that’s 3-4 a week and sometimes more
  • Reviews and testimonials are plentiful, have you noticed there isn’t one bad review about our cabinet work?   In today’s day and age, that’s a good sign!
  • The photos on our website are of OUR WORK, nothing stock, nothing stolen from search engines.
  • Our local cabinet painters paint cabinets almost exclusively.  You shouldn’t hire just any “painter” to tackle cabinets, just think, would you do that for your car?
  • With full transparency, sample doors are brought to your home for you to see.  These are ACCURATE samples.  This means they are what you can truly, and fairly expect your cabinets to look like.
  • The work is all backed by a great, 5-year pro-rated warranty