Commercial Painting Services in Milwaukee, WI

Employee morale is essential, so Colorwheel creates spaces that inspire your team with our commercial painting services in the Milwaukee area! We know that nobody wants to work in a dingy, dirty, dated space.

Colorwheel’s commercial interior painting services also create spaces that help your team hit home runs with presentations and appointments. Don’t overestimate how important a clean, confident space is! Your clients and customers DO notice. Together, our goal for your commercial painting services should be to make your clients and customers feel just how you need them to feel when they visit your place of business. For a gym, invigorating colors, for dental and health clinics perhaps calm and confident, you get the idea.

Office Repaint and Refresh

We deliver on time, professional and beautiful commercial painting services in occupied spaces and vacant office interiors. From custom colors to white boxing, one room to thousands and thousands of square feet, Colorwheel can do the job. We even offer scheduled maintenance painting so things always look good! Colorwheel is the best choice for Milwaukee property managers (you may meet us at a BOMA event), real-estate professionals, facilities managers, office managers, or busy owners at companies and businesses from small to large.

Our commercial clients value our:

  • Project management – your project consultant will ensure the right paints, colors, and finishes are used on your project and we ensure deadlines are met
  • Talented & Courteous Painters – we have ONLY seriously qualified painters so you can expect the same quality results every time while having a pleasant and thoughtful interaction
  • Weekend and evening availability – if your options for having work done are limited, we can come in after hours, setup, move and protect furniture and return it all to where it came from so you can carry on business as usual. It’s what sets us apart as a commercial painting company. Some projects may require professional movers, but we can coordinate with them too.
  • Emergency service – Decided to move a light fixture? Had a little disaster?  We can pull a painter off another project and get something done for you in a hurry!



  • Common areas & stairwell painting

  • Interiors of occupied space like offices, exam rooms, retail space and more

  • Sign removal and subsequent surface repairs, and or touch up or painting after a new sign goes in

  • Mural work
  • Spraying dry fall to exposed ceilings, ducts, and painting key areas around fire extinguishers, caution yellow, etc.

  • Refinishing woodwork, including doors, trim, and even furniture.  This can be done both on-site and off-site at our workshop

  • Vinyl baseboard removal and installation

  • Wallcovering related work including vinyl removal and installation


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