Colorwheel believes that your paint job is as unique as you are yourself!  Many times, it’s a perfect blend of your taste and style meeting the architectural design and feel of your home.   Other times, you just need something neutralized to sell a home, or refresh a place, and that’s fine too.   To the earlier tune, every project we do is custom just like you, and as we don’t participate in new construction, no two homes (just like no two customers) are ever exactly alike.

Working with these beliefs in mind, we seek to  discover and identify as much about your wants and needs as possible.  Sound strange that we cover so much?  It is, but it’s a good thing!  Our discussions will include the rooms/items you’d like painted, the colors and sheens you’d like, and far beyond that… the kind of experience you want (and honestly need) to have!  Be prepared for some questions like:

  • how important is meeting deadlines to you?
  • how important is timeliness on a daily basis?
  • how important is the ability to communicate with your painters?
  • what’s the worst thing that could happen on this job?
  • how would you feel if paint got on your couch, carpet, or your floors got scratched?
  • what really drives you nuts?  (as matter of people’s habits, perhaps another contractor experience, etc)

We talk about the people we’ll have in your home (we know ours well, they are full-time employees of Colorwheel, many with years of experience with the firm), the full and turnkey services we’ll provide, the response times you can expect, references can be presented, and of course we’ll share the warranties (and how we truly honor them) that we have in place.  Trust us, we’ve thought of (almost) all of it!

Overall, while we can understand that you may think of painting service as a commodity, we’re eager to show you Colorwheel is far from that, and Colorwheel’s systems, expertise, and people will give you the absolute best experience and results in the industry.

For the best in painting experiences, call Colorwheel today at 414-708-6324.  Weekdays 10a.m. to 3pm.  Or use the contact us form or shoot an email direct to