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Color is powerful, and when chosen correctly, with commercial color consultation, the color of your business’ interior can send the right message to your clients the moment they walk in the door.

At Colorwheel Painting, we’re ready to help you find the best colors for your business with our own commercial color consultation services. Whether you want to energize your space with a warm tone, or create a calm space with blues and greens, our paint color consultants are here for you.


Colorwheel Finds the Right Color for Your Business

Every business has different needs and budgets when it comes to paint color consultation. For this reason, we offer 3 levels of color selection assistance:

Colorwheel Project Consultant Help

After you sign a proposal, we offer relatively simple and short advice on colors. Please know that we fully disclose none of our project consultants have professional training, and none of us claims to be interior designers or “professional” color consultants. That said, we are around the world of color all the time and do have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. Most often our color consultants can help you make a lateral move in color, working with you to get the look we (through experience) believe that you’re going for.

Colorwheel Artist Consultation

For an hourly fee, whether you hire us for a color consultation or not, our artist Sheryl will meet with you and help you select colors. She has an impeccable eye for color, color theory training, colorants and pigments training, and a great understanding of color coordination and design.

Referral to a Design Partner

For businesses seeking an Interior Designer to perform professional commercial color consultations, we have many resources. These designers have serious credentials, award-winning designs, and offer numerous resources for integrating all kinds of other design elements into your projects. Many act as personal shoppers by escorting you to stores for furniture and decor assistance. They’ll work with what you have, offer arrangement ideas based on what they see, make entire offices or meeting rooms flow with the whole space, etc.

How Does a Professional Color Consultant Make Recommendations?

A professional color consultant will interview you about some decorating variables that are typically overlooked by do-it-yourself decorators. For example:

  • What furniture, carpeting, and window treatments are staying?
  • Are any of the above items being replaced?
  • Will there be anything new in the space that isn’t there now?

With such information in hand, a professional color consultant will note the dominant shades that you’ve chosen for your business’ furniture, upholstery, and window treatments, and take those into consideration for their color recommendations to bring out the best in your space.

The Best Products For Your Job

Unlike most painting companies in Milwaukee, we buy products that best fit your job from any and all resources available. 

We’re not beholden to one vendor, and don’t believe any one vendor has a “best product” for every situation we run across (no matter how much they wish that they did). Explore the list of vendors we use here.
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