Cabinet Painting in New Berlin, Wisconsin

New Berlin’s home styles are great for cabinet painting.  Both quaint and sprawling ranches feel larger immediately.  In addition, two story homes of any generation gain attractiveness with painted cabinets.   What’s more is that just because Colorwheel paints your cabinets, you do NOT have to have all your trim painted.  This has been a common concern in the area.  Just remember, your cabinets are their own entity, so do what you want with them! For expert cabinet painters in New Berlin, WI, Colorwheel is the one to call!

Cabinet Painting & Countertop Options

Colorwheel finds that many of its New Berlin customers are ready to “Swap-a-top” and have cabinet painting done in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  Of course, you may choose just one or the other.  But, when combined, replacing countertops and cabinet painting in New Berlin, WI, is a powerful combo.  The old counter tops are torn out and replaced with something new.  A new sink and faucet are often selected too.  In the meantime, Colorwheel paints the cabinet boxes on site, and processes the doors and drawer fronts back in the Colorwheel workshop.  To learn more about the process, click here and scroll down toward the bottom of the page.  When it makes the most sense, everything gets put back together and voila, you have a whole new looking kitchen. We can even find the best colors to fit your space and complete interior painting in New Berlin, WI, to match your home’s style.  This is done at a fraction of the price of a full remodel!

At this time, you should also consider:

  • Hinges:  keep them or update?
  • Pull hardware:
    • keep them or update?
    • convert a knob to a handle or the opposite?
    • change the location?
    • a different color?
  • Sink style
  • Faucet

Countertop Selection

Colorwheel has accounts and access to many countertop show rooms throughout the metro area.  As a result, we will send you to the location that is closest to you and/or has the best options to fit your needs.  While some items are must more “stock” like main brand Quartz options, stones like marble and granite are truly unique so it’s worth a look around.   A showroom assistant will help you make selections.  This selection should be done first, before a cabinet paint color selection is made.  For more information, visit the main counter tops page of our website here.

Cabinet Paint Color Selection

Do not let color selection stop you from having your cabinets painted in New Berlin, Wisconsin!  If you are having Colorwheel help with counter tops, get the top selected first.  Then, the paint color will coordinate with that selection.  When you sign with Colorwheel for cabinet painting in New Berlin, WI, we work with the existing tones in the countertop to find the perfect marriage.  Many of our customers have a great eye for this, but if you don’t, we are happy to help you select a color too.   For those with more discerning taste, don’t worry; through our interior painting in New Berlin, WI, we’ve become experts in this area!  You may consider the minimal up spend and we will paint the color(s) on your actual cabinet door(s).  You can then look at the door in your kitchen, using your own lighting, throughout the day, and make a decision.  If you need more than one door done, that’s fine too.

To Get Started, Contact Colorwheel Today!

Nobody in southeast Wisconsin paints more cabinets than Colorwheel Painting.  Not well, anyway! You can trust in us for cabinet painting and interior painting services in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  Many people have and the results are in, Colorwheel is an expert in cabinet painting, with service and results that last.