Cabinet Painting in Hartland, Wisconsin

Don’t assume that your kitchen cabinets need to be torn out.  Likewise, don’t fall into the need for a full remodel.  Instead, consider Colorwheel Painting’s cabinet painting services and counter top options.  The truth is, we find that many Hartland homes just need a nice face lift.  Plus, there are huge visual benefits and cost savings in painting what you already have.  Whether it’s the kitchen cabinets, vanity or vanities, laundry room set, or a big built-in entertainment center, wet bar, dry bar, or storage area, Colorwheel can deliver high-quality cabinet painting in Hartland, Wisconsin.  By the time you add in new hardware, friends and family will think you spent 50k or more, and instead it’ll be a fraction.  To explore these costs, click here.

Deciding What is Right

Aesthetic desire and physical form are the main drivers in deciding if cabinet painting is the right choice for you.  That and finding a good painter, like Colorwheel!

As it comes to structure:  First, the layout must make sense.  Second, the condition of the cabinets must be relatively good.  And third, they need to be paintable, which most are.

As for aesthetic:  you must like the look of paint.  That is to say, not stained & finished goods.  And painted cabinets must fit the look and feel you desire.  That’s usually easy.

Great Cabinet Painters Make it Last

Customers often worry about the longevity of painted cabinets.  When cabinet painting in Hartland, Wisconsin, is done right, it lasts!  For more information, visit our page all about cabinet painting.  For perspective here:  Colorwheel has been painting a LOT of cabinets since 2014 and has not had a call back for full repaint since.   That is probably more than 1000 kitchens!  Of them, yes we have done touch ups, and we’re happy to do them.  This simply points out the importance of selecting an established, service friendly company like Colorwheel.   We enjoy seeing our customers, and the work that we’ve done.  Our staff of Hartland cabinet painters is second to none!

Did You Say Counter Tops?

Yes we did. In 2019, Colorwheel began measuring and selling counter tops to its customers.  This came as a result of our customer’s desire for a “one stop shop” on “mini makeovers” for their home.  We are able to source all types of stone, natural and man-made, for you.  So if you need a new countertop or are just considering one, ask us to measure and submit it for general pricing.  If you like the price point we come back with, then we’ll send you to a stone supplier near you to make a selection.  Oh, and we will definitely assist (as needed) to choose a paint color that works with the stone too.   To learn more about counter tops, and how it relates to the cabinet painting sequence, click HERE. 

Get Started Today!

Our “sales” process is not about selling.  We seek in inform, educate, and hopefully discover that Colorwheel and it’s services are right for you.  At no time do we pressure people.  We do not sell on the spot.  So, if you’d like to have a conversation, please call us about cabinet painting in Hartland, Wisconsin.  If you’d like an in house consultation in which you can look at and touch actual samples, let’s set something up!