Residential Gilding Services by Joe

Does your space feel like it’s missing some sparkle? Illuminate your home with some gold embellishments.

Gilding is the process of applying extremely thin sheets of gold, called gold leaf, to a surface. It gives your spaces a unique design feature fit for renaissance- and art deco–inspired interiors, among many other aesthetics and detailing. The gold captures light, brightening up your room by reflecting glistening shimmers, and adds a touch of warmth with its honeyed hues. Gilding enhances spaces, decor, and furnishing. And yes, Colorwheel has the talent to do it!

Meet the Gilding Expert

Joe H., an amazing artist and phenomenal person, has a goal of bringing AFFORDABLE gilding services to the masses. Okay, maybe not the masses, but certainly to a large group of people! Beyond being a fantastic painter of many degrees, from murals to straight painting, he is well-versed in both real and faux gilding, and he simply loves to do it! What more can you ask for?! If you’re looking for gold leaf gilding in Milwaukee, WI, Colorwheel’s painting expert, Joe, is here to help.

Adding Gold to Your Home

A little bit of gold goes a long way, and gilding makes a big impact. It gives your home extra sparkle, transforming it into an elegant, one-of-a-kind, and memorable space. Once you get a taste of the glistening gold flakes, you’ll want more. There are many ways to add and enjoy gilding in your home, including the following:

  • Around a fireplace
  • In a den or library
  • In a grand entry
  • At the bar area, usually a basement bar in Wisconsin
  • A master bathroom
  • On furniture
  • Along your crown molding
  • As a statement piece on the ceiling
  • Wherever and however you may like it!

Whether you fill a whole surface with it or just use it as small details for enhancements, gold looks great anywhere, especially in the right lighting and when painted on by a Colorwheel expert.

Get Your Gilding On

At Colorwheel, we provide various painting services that transform a space. Paint adds color to your life, both literally and figuratively. When it’s golden paint—whether via leaves or flakes—it also brings in some light and other illuminating benefits into the mix. Joe is ready to embellish your spaces with a warm shimmering hue painted on your surfaces. You don’t need to be a royal to enjoy a bit of gold; we’ll make sure of that here at Colorwheel.

Contact us for a projected quote, and we’ll have Joe and an interior estimator come to your home and get this process started! Let’s get your space sparkling with gilding.

Picture Your Home in Gold: Joe’s Gilding Work -A Small Sample

Are you still unsure about adding gold to your home? We’ll let the art speak for itself. Here are some images that Joe was kind enough to share with us. These are not photos from his time at Colorwheel, nor is this residence in greater Milwaukee. We just want to be transparent about that. However, these samples show what this amazing person can do and what he could do for you. Thanks Joe!

If you’re in the Milwaukee, WI, area, see Joe’s work come to life in your home; you can contact Colorwheel for more colorful home enhancements.