Gilding by Joe

Gilding is the process of applying extremely thin sheets of gold, called gold leaf, to a surface. And yes, Colorwheel has the talent to do it!

Meet Joe H. Joe is an amazing artist (and phenomenal person) and has a goal of brining AFFORDABLE Gilding to the masses. Okay, maybe not the masses, but certainly to far more people! Beyond being a fantastic painter (of many degrees from murals to straight painting and faux), he is well versed in gilding (both real gilding and faux gilding) and he simply loves to do it! What more can you ask for?!

When it comes to your home, consider making a big impact with gilding:

  • Around a fireplace
  • In a den or library
  • In a grand entry
  • At the bar area, usually a basement bar in Wisconsin
  • A master bathroom
  • On furniture
  • Or wherever you may like it!

When you’re ready to have a project quoted, contact us! We’ll have Joe and an interior estimator come to your home and get this process started!

Joe’s Gilding Work -A Small Sample

Here are some images that Joe was kind enough to share with us. These are not photos from his time at Colorwheel, nor is this residence in greater Milwaukee. We just want to be transparent about that. However, it goes to show what this amazing person can do! Thanks Joe!