Cabinet Refacing

Refacing, What is It?

Refacing your cabinets is a great update to a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any combination thereof.  In a nutshell, refacing means that you’re having new doors and/or drawer fronts built to replace the ones you currently have.  The boxes themselves -where you store all your goodies- remain in place and for the most part go unchanged in this process.  However, one definitely could include a new island, removal of a built-in-desk unit, or more at this time.   Additionally, this can also be a great time to update hinges and other hardware, or add new drawer slides, put in soft close features, and more.

The Problem You’ll Likely Encounter:

What homeowners eventually find out (unless they call us right away) is that cabinet makers (who build the doors and drawer fronts) don’t generally paint the cabinet boxes in your home, and the painting company doesn’t build the doors.  That means half your project could remain unfinished.  Another consideration is how precisely you want your colors and sheen to match… the products most cabinet makers use to finish (similar to paint) the woodwork are not ones that can be used on your in home boxes.  Therefore, it’s best if a painting company paints everything and here we are.   Simply, each company has what they’re best at, and you need a perfect marriage of the two.

The Solution:

Recognizing the need here,  Colorwheel DOES have several key referrals we can provide to you, so together we can work with a cabinet maker that will excel on your project.  With each of those referrals, we’d work hand in hand to make your project happen. They build, we finish.   Typically, this can mean Colorwheel does the painting of all the new doors/drawers and the boxes, so everything matches.  OR, we can paint just the boxes using paint that matches the cabinet makers finish applied to the doors/drawers.  Either is completely acceptable, it just depends on your exact project.

What to Do?

Your best course of action is to contact us, and we’ll facilitate a meeting between you the homeowner, ourselves, and a cabinet maker who’d be responsible for the doors/drawer face and any other physical alterations to the cabinet system.

Colorwheel has been a proud partner on many projects just like this, and we’d be happy to help with your refacing project too!  Please use the Contact Us form or call 414-708-6324 between 10am and 3pm weekdays.

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