Cabinet and Interior Painting in Brookfield, WI

Cabinet painting is a great and affordable way to make a tasteful update to your home.  Whether you want to update your kitchen cabinets, vanities, or laundry room, Colorwheel can tackle cabinet and interior painting in Brookfield, WI.  In our experience, there are two main eras of homes we encounter in Brookfield.

First, we help many Brookfield customers with 1950’s to 1970’s ranch homes with classically dark kitchens.  For these customers, it’s fairly common to remove an upper cabinet that blocks an otherwise open view.  Occasionally a customer removes a peninsula section, or modifies it.   Note that when this occurs, counter tops must enter the equation.  Colorwheel can help with those too.

Colorwheel helps customer homes built from 1980 to 2010 with cabinet painting and interior painting in Brookfield, WI.  These 2-story homes usually have an open-concept design.  Some of the kitchens have dark stained wood while others have a medium stain tone.  While these cabinets can be refinished, painting is the often the better option.  The result is a very inviting and larger feeling space.  When Colorwheel helps tackle counter tops too, the project results are that much more breathtaking!

Painting Cabinets Versus a Full Remodel

People ask us to compare the investment between painting cabinets and doing a full remodel.  This is a fairly complex question because people’s wants and budgets vary a lot.  However, we can assure you that painting cabinets is a fraction of the cost of taking out what you have and replacing them.  To that point, customers have said “I can buy new cabinets for that price” when they see the painting investment alone.  It’s sometimes true.  But, once the costs are added in to undo the plumbing, remove the counters, remove the cabinets, put new cabinets in, add back new counters, a sink, a faucet, and pay the workers, the project total escalates quickly.  We encourage you to be mindful of the big picture, and we hope Colorwheel’s counter tops , cabinet, and interior painting in Brookfield, WI, are the best option for you!

Learn More!

We realize that you might be exploring options for cabinet painting and interior painting in Brookfield, WI.  You’re free to call us at any time, 414-708-6324, and follow the menu prompts.     Otherwise, to learn more about the cabinet painting we do, please click here. The FAQ’s are especially helpful.  We also have past customers you can speak with and in some cases visit.   Also on that link (toward the bottom) is process information.  The process of cabinet painting in Brookfield, Wisconsin, is involved and requires many hours and strict adherence to product specification.  Only a patient, skilled craftswoman or craftsman should do this type of work.    For that reason, please, be careful with the selection of a painter or painting company for cabinet and interior painting in Brookfield, WI. Sadly, we fix a lot of cabinet projects that were done by lesser skilled painters.  While we respect our competition, cabinet painting is very tricky and should be done by cabinet specialists like Colorwheel.

The Transferable Warranty

Our cabinet projects come with a pro-rated 5-year transferable warranty.  To our knowledge this greatly trumps any of our competitors.  The confidence in our people, products, and process means we can stand by our work when completing cabinet painting and interior painting in Brookfield, WI.