Wall & Ceiling Painting

Wall and Ceiling Painting in Southeast Wisconsin

Stunning Residential Wall & Ceiling Painting

Colorwheel Painting’s second most specialized service (with painting cabinets being our #1) is the painting of residential wall and ceiling painting services conducted by our expert teams of painters in Southeastern Wisconsin.

In unoccupied spaces, this is a breeze, but in furnished living spaces, this work requires tremendous attention to detail and masterful execution.

While this type of painting has prices across the board and tends to be viewed as a commodity, we encourage you to invest wisely and look at the bigger picture of this whole experience.



5 Great Reasons to Hire Colorwheel for Your Interior Wall and Ceiling Painting in Southeastern Wisconsin.

  1. We employ the ideal type of PEOPLE you want in your home.   They are W2 employees, not subcontractors.  These are people we know, not entities we roll the dice on.  Our painters must pass a painters examine to work here.  Manners are huge too.  These are polite, vetted, respectful, down-to-earth members of our local communities.  They care!
  2. We allow you to keep living in your home, rather than feel like a trapped animal!  Our careful sequencing and game plans go a long way!  For instance, we arrange start times so your morning can go on without a hitch.
  3. Your home and property is respected and cared for!  Subsequently, items are covered using clean drops and plastics, and furniture is carefully moved.  It is our goal to ensure floors don’t get scratched, and no paint gets on carpet.
  4.  We guarantee top notch work and we stop of nothing short!  Likewise, our EXPERIENCED PAINTERS using TREMENDOUS PRODUCTS yield crisp, clean lines, and velvet-smooth finishes
  5.  Our work is WARRANTIED and WE COME BACK!  Most importantly, there is no chasing after your contractor, no phone tag, we are incredibly responsive and take accountability!

We offer you dozens of additional reasons to hire us, like countless positive reviews, glowing testimonials, and references (so happy that they’ll invite you over!).

If you have more questions about our wall and ceiling painting services in Southeastern Wisconsin, or uncertainty about your upcoming project, just contact us and let us win you over!


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