Cabinet Painting in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Colorwheel paints a variety of cabinets in the Oconomowoc area.  We paint islands, full kitchens, vanities, and laundry-room cabinets.  In addition, we offer cabinet painting in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, on wet bars, dry bars, built-in entertainment centers, and more.  No matter the cabinets you have, you will be amazed at the eye-catching results.   Most spaces benefits from the crisp, clean, satin feel that painted cabinets provide.  For example, those dated, tired cabinets from the 90’s done in golden tones become eye-popping beauties with paint.  We invite you to view projects at the bottom of our main cabinet painting page, click here.

Investing Right in a Cabinet Painter

Cabinet painters are not all the same and as a result, careful selection of your painter or painting contractor must be made.  Just as you would turn to an expert to paint your car, think of cabinet painting the same way.   Cabinets are technical, and vast expertise, a strict process, and patience are needed.   Therefore, we advise you to avoid painters that do a couple sets of cabinets a year.  In addition, you should run from exterior painters who paint cabinets “to stay busy” during the winter. Rather, stick with a company who can offer first-rate cabinet painting in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Instead, Colorwheel’s cabinet painting efforts are conducted by our painters that paint cabinets on a year-round basis.  The spray shop is constantly packed with work.  It’s not that we’re behind, there’s simply that many cabinets coming in and going out on a daily basis.   Our team will handle roughly 200 cabinet projects in a year because we have honed in on the process, product, and people that you can rely on!  To explore actual costs, please head to our pricing FAQ’s on the main cabinet page.

Upgrading Key Components

Compatible upgrades come along with cabinet painting.  With an ounce of foresight, serious changes are made for less investment than a full kitchen remodel.  You can ask Colorwheel for a countertop measure.  Learn more here.  In that case, we send you to a showroom to look at marble, quartz, or granite.  Whatever you choose is fine, and we get you a very competitive price.  Then, we help coordinate the timing so the project comes together.  In addition to counter tops you may need doors built to cover an opening.  Or, you might change the hinges, handles, knobs, or pulls.  Adding these items if you’ve never had them is really a great change!  Colorwheel can accent the island, or distress or glaze all or some of the cabinet system.  Whatever your dream is, share it with us and count on honest, open advice on what we can do for your cabinet painting in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Process Inquires and Colors

Colors made by Benjamin Moore are available for our cabinet painting in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  Most Sherwin Williams colors and other suppliers colors can be use too.  The later requires you to approve the color match, but this does come with a cautionary note: color matches are never exact.

As for process, it’s complex!  We estimate the average cabinet paint job to take 80 to 110 hours.  Anything less, and either the kitchen is either (respectfully) small or key steps are being omitted.  For those seeking more process information, we redirect you to the bottom of the cabinet page to visit the process slideshow.