Success Delivered to You!

In a world of painters who show up, look at things for a few minutes, and then disappear, we offer something more!  Oh, and in the land of companies trying to sell you on the spot, well, we respect you more than that!  Please read below if you’d like to learn how things will happen:

Phone Discussion of Project:  Please call and discuss your project with friendly and knowledgeable Jessica in our office.  She handles calls from 10am to 3pm daily, and is a key part of our team.  Jess is a no pressure person, who’ll help you discover your needs and offer some humor along the way.  She’ll also determine if we can help you and which consultant would be the right fit.  If there is anything Jessica can’t help with over the phone, she can have a sales consultant call you or make a note of the topic to address in your in-home meeting.

In Home Meeting:  Your project consultant will arrive on time and with a smile on his or her face.  This meeting will typically take about an hour.  The goals are two fold, 1) we need to understand what you’d like to have done.  Ceilings, walls, trim, cabinets, vanities, you name it.  To that tune, the more realistic you are about your budget, the better we can help you get the most bang for your buck!   Now 2) we also aim to provide perspective on what Colorwheel brings to the table in the big picture because trust us, the painting part of the investment is only a part of it.   Once these goals are met, the consultant will advise you of a turnaround time for the quote.  NO SAME DAY, ON-THE-SPOT SALES TACTICS ARE ATTEMPTED!

Proposal Actions:  You’ll receive your proposal via email, within the time-frame promised.  We encourage you to fully review it.  For us, it becomes “the final word” so its accuracy is paramount!  This includes reading terms and conditions too (that said, we try to keep ours brief and pertinent to your exact project).   Please keep in mind that the entire document is set forth to protect YOU, the consumer.  This document is put forth by us, in full transparency, laying out expectations, an exact work list, and disclosing risks and how changes are handled.  We don’t want any surprises for you, or for us!  If revisions are needed, no problem!  Ultimately we want it accurate, and signed off on.

Schedule:  We’ll schedule you based on your needs, but this requires a few things.  First, after acceptance of the proposal, a questionnaire is sent to you automatically.  Please fill it out, it’ll help us serve you well for the day to day project logistics (good topics, you’ll see!).   Second, please send us the deposit or make one online.  ACH is best, a credit card does have a processing fee.  Third, get those colors selected if that’s not done already!  Remember we have ways to help, visit the color consultation page here.

Conduct Work:   This is all on us!  We may have questions along the way, and you might have them too.  We’ll be happy to help, but otherwise you can sit back and relax.

Pay & Repeat:  When the work is substantially done, we’ll request a final payment.  Shocking, right?!  Then repeat….  maybe not the same room right away, but we hope you’ll use us again and again as you work through the home, or buy a new one, or make changes through the years.  We’ll also hope that you become a referral source, and perhaps even become a reference that future customers can visit or call!



Proceeding With Us? 

Please fill out either the INTERIOR or EXTERIOR form before (or after) providing a deposit.  (the Bill Pay Page may be of assistance, a new window will open).

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