Countertops -by Customer Request

Due to some very insightful customer demand, new in 2019, Colorwheel gained access to the big 3 types of countertops you’d likely want, including:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble

And we have access to the name brands you know like:

  • Cambria
  • Corian
  • Caesarstone
  • Silestone
  • Viatera
  • …and more.

So while we’re in your home to discuss painting of any kind, especially cabinet painting or refinishing, we can help you with your countertops too.  Our consultants can measure your kitchen island, kitchen countertop(s), vanities, tables, or even a workbench.   Please feel free to learn more about the process below.

Now to be clear, Colorwheel does not source these materials, store them, fabricate them, or even remove/install them. ..  So why would you go with us?  The answer is simple, we paint roughly 150 to 200 kitchen cabinet systems in a year and because of that, we have buying power.  With roughly 10% wanting counters thus far, that’s 15 to 20 tops… whereas many small to medium size remodel firms might do only 5 to 7 kitchens in a year.   This means the counter top shops have taken note and vie for our business; and we get to bring some pretty sweet deals to you!  As a package deal, countertops and cabinet painting by Colorwheel will be hard to beat!


A Process Overview

While not all projects will run exactly the same, this or a similar version tend to be the general lay of the land for your countertop and cabinet painting project.

  1.  A Colorwheel consultant comes to your home and:
    1.  Measures the countertops; often explaining just what it is that is being measured and why
    2.  Engages you in a discussion of broad price points
    3.  Colorwheel does not bring in a lot of samples simply because we’ve learned that most our customers won’t choose on based on a 4″ by 4″ square
  2.  Pricing is obtained for a multitude of options and given to the customer
  3.  If willing to proceed, the customer is shown how to Google Search the options to better hone in on one
  4.  If proceeding, the customer is encouraged to do a showroom visit and view the stone in person.  Some customers do this independently, while some have our rep meet them
  5.  A new sink is often selected at the showroom as well, as you will need a new one.  Or a sink can be purchased elsewhere, and the manufactuers information on the sink will be needed.
    1.  Farm sinks require additional steps, as they must be installed prior to a final measure of the counter top
  6.  Contracts get finalized based on the stone selected (whether you get one or not, we’d still be happy to do the painting)
  7.  A final measure occurs for the counter tops (again, with a farm sink it must be installed by this time)
  8.  And then the magic starts to happen, in general:
    1.  Colorwheel (usually) comes to remove doors/drawers from the cabinet system (if its being painted)
    2.  Colorwheel processes doors and drawers in our workshop for a few weeks while:
      1.  The plumber comes to do a disconnect, CUSTOMER MUST MAKE THESE ARRANGEMENTS and recommendations are provided
      2.  The counter top company removes the old tops
      3.  The counter top company installs the new tops and mounts the sink (sometimes this is done on the same day as the removal)
      4.  A plumber comes to connect the sink and install faucet, etc.
    3.  Colorwheel paints the boxes after installation (not always, but usually)
    4.  Colorwheel brings the doors/drawers in and puts it all back together


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