Increase Your Home Value With Wallpaper

How Wallpaper Installation And Removal Can Affect Your Brookfield Home Value

Choosing The Best In Wallpaper Installation
And Removal Means Volumes
To Your Property Value

For superior wallpaper installation and removal in Brookfield, turn to the professionals at Colorwheel Painting.

Few features brighten up a room as much as wallpaper. Through its unique properties, wallpaper offers vibrant patterns in a range of colors and designs that paint just can’t simulate. Whether you’re looking for a bold, large pattern for a lively, dramatic look or a classic pattern in a muted palette to add elegance and sophistication to any room, wallpaper can be beautiful and unique.

However, if you plan on selling your home in the near future, wallpaper can be tricky. Older wallpaper (especially the popular patterns that were everywhere in your grandmother’s kitchen when you were a kid) can make a home look outdated and reduce marketability. Potential buyers want a home that’s live-in ready – not one that they’ll have to spend time and money fixing up.

Reasons Why You Should Remove Wallpaper In Your
Brookfield Home Before Putting It On The Market

1: Wallpaper Is Highly Individual

Unlike paint, wallpaper comes in a plethora of patterns, designs, and colors, so many, in fact, that it’s highly unlikely that both the seller and the buyer of the home will love the wallpaper enough to keep it up. Because of its highly individual nature, realtors highly recommend having your wallpaper removed and replaced by a neutral paint color before putting your home on the market.

At Colorwheel Painting, our experts use only the best methods for removing wallpaper, like DIF solution, hot water, and steamers. We don’t use scoring tools due to the risks such tools have of damaging the drywall.

2: Removing Wallpaper Can Be Difficult And Expensive

If buyers decide to make an offer on your Brookfield home, it’ll likely be less than what you requested. This is because they’ll factor in the costs of removing the wallpaper, including time and effort.

With our wallpaper removal services, we at Colorwheel Painting charge hourly – with minimal additions for materials. This makes budgeting for wallpaper removal easier and more affordable. And with our patient, precise technicians, you can be confident you’ve chosen the best.

3: Wallpaper Can Make Your Brookfield Home Appear Outdated

While high-quality wallpaper can be an excellent choice for adding vibrancy, color, and mood to any room, homes with older wallpaper can appear outdated in the modern housing market. Even tasteful, modern wallpaper can be hit-or-miss with a younger population of potential homebuyers who generally prefer paint over wallpaper.

A neutral paint color is universally seen as the better choice, as it helps potential buyers better imagine themselves in your home and makes it easier for them to personalize it after closing.

Reasons You Should Keep Wallpaper Up When Putting
Your Waukesha County On The Market

1: Your Brookfield Home Is A Historical Building

If your Brookfield home is historic, then wallpaper can increase its value. Buyers will pay top dollar for a historic building with as many of its original features intact as possible – including original wallpaper or a reproduction of the original wallpaper.

Colorwheel Painting offers superior wallpaper installation and removal in Brookfield. If you’re restoring a historic building, we can help you find wallpaper as close to the original as possible, and our expert installers are patient and precise in their work.

2: The Wallpaper Is Subtle, Understated, Or In A Small Area

If your wallpaper is neutral with a subtle pattern, it has a much higher chance of fetching a better price and being more marketable on the housing market. Neutral colors and patterns are universal, allowing potential homebuyers to imagine themselves in the home without needing to do a complete overhaul to add their personal touches.

If the only appearance of wallpaper in your home is in your built-in bookshelf or a walk-in closet, it may not be worth the time and money to remove it. A splash of color or a vibrant pattern in a small guest bathroom isn’t nearly the same as an entire living room or master suite.

For The Best Wallpaper Installation And Removal
In Brookfield, Look To The Experts
At Colorwheel Painting

We know how overwhelming it is to find the perfect wallpaper for your Brookfield home. With so many patterns, colors, and designs, you need the experts to guide you toward the wallpaper of your dreams.

If you’re thinking of refreshing your home’s interior with new wallpaper or are putting your home on the market and need to remove your old wallpaper, fill out our online form to begin your wallpaper installation and removal process.

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