Why It’s Best to Hire a Painter With a Workshop

There are a lot of painters to choose from in most communities.  Knowing which one to choose can be a challenge.  Most people may know a painter.  While many people might ask a friend for a referral.  Yet there are those, many of those, who will turn to Google, Yelp, or otherwise to search one out.   So that said, beyond ratings and reviews, or a nice website, we’d like to suggest that you always hire a painter with a workshop.  It may sound like overkill, but really, do it! A professional company that works out of their own painter’s workshop can make a big difference.

Why would I hire a painter with a workshop you ask?  Especially if I just need my ceilings and walls done?  Or maybe my trim?  Well, there’s some big picture factors to consider.

First off, one of the largest factors is what having a workshop really means.  At a minimum, if a painting company has grown to the point of having a workshop, they’re doing something right!  They are likely established.  And you want to work with someone established because that means that they are doing something right!  From there, in comparison to a fly-by-night operation (and we trust you have heard all those nightmare stories), a brick-and-mortar location is there to stay.  If you need to find your contractor, you have got a place to go.  Literally.  There is no disappearing. To this point, a contractor with a painter’s workshop should bring you peace of mind.

Secondly, your needs will change as you go through life.  Your home will likely undergo changes.  You may change homes.  It’s good to form a relationship with an interior painting contractor that can truly service those needs long term.  Because while it might be a project in your home now, what happens when you need doors painted?  What about cabinets?  What about having something refinished?   Trust us, you don’t want a contractor working out of your garage, a basement, or some random room in your home to do this type of work.  A professional painter gets the best results in a truly controlled environment. Choosing a contractor that has their own painter’s workshop is what you need; this location lets them focus on the work they’re doing for your home without getting in the way around your home.

That’s really it, two big concepts to bring this notion home.  Or to workshop.  You choose. For more information on our services, contact us today!

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