Adding New Hardware to Kitchen Cabinets

Hinge and Handle Success

When it comes time to refinish your kitchen cabinets, repaint your cabinets, or have your cabinets changed from stained to paint, there will be considerations to make about hardware.   Without a doubt, this is a great time to make a change.  However, what changes can you safely make?  Of consideration are hinges, handles, and/or knobs.  Or adding any of the above!

Now back to that keyword, “safely” or perhaps we should say “successfully.”  Unfortunately there are some common mistakes made and nuisances to consider.  First and foremost, any and all decision to change hardware (I’m talking hinges, knobs, handles, etc.) should be made on the front end.  It is important to identify the exact components you want.  Along with this comes the verification that you can actually get what you want.  Never assume that what you want is in stock.  Or that what you want is available in the size you need.  And definitely don’t assume that it’ll just fit!  It’s best to get a sample set, play around with it, then make sure you get them all in hand or at a minimum, a delivery date.

About Hole Filling:

To expand on the above, consider if the new hardware will requiring the filling of old holes.  This especially applies to handles.   But it can also apply to hinges.  Filling can be done, especially when the ultimate plan is to paint the system.   But this must be done before the painting starts.  Sometimes just one hole gets filled while the other is reused, sometimes both are filled.  At times, no holes exist but holes must be made.  That’s the easiest situation but still must be planned and budgeted for.

Some Hinge Insights:

When it comes to hinges, please understand that your current hinges have aged.  They have worn in individual ways, specific to the place they are.  The frequently used door where you grab drinking glasses has worn different than the once a year cabinet door where your china is kept.  That said, swapping the hardware for new does not mean that all the doors will hang the same way.  Even the tightness of each individual mounting screw can cause slight deviation.  So, expect some adjustments and hour invested in a quality carpenter.   This will apply to almost any hinge change.

What about hidden hinges?  Well, sometimes the change can be made and sometimes it can’t.  The style of the door, the box, and material thickness all play a role.  Have a qualified tech examine all of this on the front end.   There is no point in painting a door that you ultimately can’t use with the hinge you want!  In some scenarios, new doors (refacing) can be a valuable asset.  This is also a good time to change the profile design your doors have.

Ultimate Success:

Plan ahead.  Communicate.  And to best succeed, talk to a company that specializes in cabinet painting and hardware changes.  This is a project for a specialist.

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