How To Handle Your Painting Contractor’s Mishap

Interior painting projects are like any other home improvement project, things can and likely will go wrong.  So, when painting mistakes happen with your contractor, what do you do?  We offer the following constructive advice to navigate a problem.

First and foremost, please remember your painting contractor is human.  And the truth is, despite the best of intention, human’s make mistakes.  Some of these mistakes may seem dumb to you.  Some may be peculiar in nature or relate to something highly detailed.  Others could be a pure mishap -even the result of a product defect or the work environment.   And then there are unfortunate accidents.  No matter which situation arises, remember it was unintentional and should be treated as such.   Odds are, as soon as your painting contractor sees the mistake (whether you point it out or they find it on their own), he or she will likely feel either embarrassed or upset about it too.  So, be patient, be kind, and then make sure there is a plan to fix any of your contractor’s painting mistakes.

Second, we encourage people to resist the urge to have an emotional response.  Instead, keep it factual.   We always appreciate a customer that comes to us in a calm and constructive manner to discuss any painting mistakes we’ve made.   Combine that with the patience and kindness mentioned above, and it really helps us feel even more happy and eager to make things right.   Remember, we are all on the same team.  As a quality interior painting contractor, we aim to please and we take pride in doing things right!  The remedies we hold ourselves to are not only how we earn our check, but it is how we form lasting relationships for repeat business and referrals.

Third, remember that in most events, the mistake itself is literally an issue of paint.   Meaning, paint can be fixed or redone.  With any painting mistakes made by the contractor, the financial and time burden lays at their feet and should not cause you any extra cost.  Yes, you likely will be inconvenienced by additional time needed in your home, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally (and in rare circumstance we hope) keep in mind that there’s backup systems in place.  While paint could ruin something from furniture to a floor, insurance exists for a reason.  That just reiterates why you make a conscious choice to work with a properly insured, thoroughly insured, true painting professional.  Just remember to work with them, and not against them, and all will be just fine! For more information, contact us today. 

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