What Are The Benefits Of Prefinishing?

Understanding the Benefits Of Prefinishing
In Waukesha County

What Is Prefinishing And
Why Is It Important?

Prefinishing in Waukesha County is the process of painting or staining products before they are finished and installed.

For example, you may have your wooden doors prefinished before you install them in your home. You should also prefinish all of your cabinets, furniture, trim, and other parts of your home that you want to display noticeable and undeniable beauty.

So, why should you do this? Well, there are many reasons. Let’s dive into the benefits of prefinishing in Waukesha County and the surrounding areas.

1. Beautiful And Long-Lasting Results
With Wood Prefinishing Services

Prefinishing interior painters in Waukesha County use the best materials and equipment possible. This means when you prefinish your cabinets, doors, walls, trim, and ceiling with Colorwheel Painting, you can TRUST the results over the long term.

Otherwise, you risk inexperienced contractors using low-quality paint products without you knowing. That is until the paint fails long before it should, and you are forced to repaint. DIY projects are also hard to get right, even if you have the right materials and equipment (which are expensive to obtain).

Therefore, for a smooth and superior finish that lasts for years or even decades, choose prefinishing from a reputable Waukesha County interior painter.

2. A Controlled Environment For Predictable
Results For Your Waukesha County Home

Humidity, temperature, and air flow play an important role in the quality of your finish. After installation, it is hard or even impossible for the painter to control the environment. This leads to unpredictable results, a good chance of blemishes, and a less than desirable finish.

Prefinishing ensures the painter can control the temperature, airflow, and other weather elements. As a result, they avoid imperfections and deliver your wooden doors, cabinets, furniture, etc., in incredible condition with beautiful paint that really captures your attention.

3. Customized Results That Meet YOUR
Expectations With Prefinishing

At Colorwheel Painting, we ensure you get the results YOU want. Our process — which involves a phone discussion, in-home meeting, and a proposal — allows us to determine your precise goals and needs to formulate a prefinishing strategy to achieve the desired results.

After all, we are Colorwheel Painting for a reason — we offer numerous color options and prefinished molding options and help you choose which are best for your project.

4. Early Identification Of Manufacturing Defects
When Completing Wood Prefinishing Services

Our prefinishing process also allows us to closely examine your doors, cabinets, trim, etc. We alert you immediately if we notice any defects that should not be there.

It is easier to replace imperfect cabinet doors, etc., BEFORE they are installed. However, after installation, detecting issues such as cracks, chips, and dents becomes trickier, and you are less likely to be given warranty coverage.

In other words, prefinishing offers a reliable checkpoint

5. Lower Labor Expenses For Your
Painting In Waukesha County

It is much harder to paint after installation, and the results are often a lower quality. In many cases, your cabinets, doors, etc., must be removed and sent to the painting workshop for finishing and then sent back and reinstalled.

Prefinishing allows you to reduce your project timeline AND reduce the amount of labor necessary to complete the project. This leads to reduced labor expenses and more money kept in your pocket.

6. Avoid Painters Crowding And Damaging
Your Waukesha County Home

You avoid painters and other crew members crowding your home during the finishing process. This is because prefinishing is done in a workshop BEFORE installation.

Also, how would you feel if painters got paint on your carpet, furniture, and other areas that paint SHOULD NOT be? Or even overspray dust? Well, this is quite common when you paint after installation rather than before.

Prefinishing ensures paint never enters your home during the project. This means no risk of paint in the wrong places that are nearly impossible to remove and no painters crowding your living areas.

Prefinish Your Wood Doors, Cabinet, And
More With Colorwheel Painting

From creating beautiful kitchen cabinets to ensuring your doors and trim are out of this world, Colorwheel Painting is here to help with ALL your home prefinishing needs. Contact us for a free quote, or simply give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

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