Cost Guide For Wall And Ceiling Painting Washington County

Painting By The Numbers: The Ultimate Cost
Guide For Wall And Ceiling Painting
In Washington County

Understanding The Costs
And Benefits

You’ve finally decided to brighten up those dull, chipped walls in your house or even touch up the spots in the ceiling where you moved your ceiling fan. Then you decide, why not give the whole interior of your Washington County home a much-deserved facelift with bold new colors?

For the best wall and ceiling painting in Washington County, turn to Colorwheel Painting. Our team of skilled professionals is there for you every step of the way, from choosing which colors best suit your home to calculating the final cost of the job.

Whether you want a simple accent wall with a bold, unifying color or personalize each room in your home with a different color, the question of cost comes up sooner rather than later.

Factors That Affect The Total Cost Of Painting Your Walls
And Ceilings In Your Washington County Home

Square footage is generally the most reliable factor when calculating the total cost of an interior painting job. If using high-quality paint, it costs about $1.50 – $3 per square foot.

Ceilings usually cost a little more due to the difficulty of painting, averaging between $2 – $4 per square foot.

You should consider the following features when calculating your wall and ceiling painting costs:

  • Size of your home – a 750 sq. ft. apartment will cost considerably less to paint than a 2,500 sq. ft. single-family house
  • The brand of paint – high-quality paints, such as those used by Colorwheel Painting, cost a bit more at the beginning but last much longer.
  • The complexity of painting – for example, trim takes longer to paint
  • Labor – hiring professionals, such as Colorwheel Painting, adds to the job’s overall cost but saves you lots of time and energy. Plus, the paint job will be under warranty.

Type Of Paint Used For Your Wall And Ceiling Painting

It’s no secret that high-quality, high-gloss paint looks the best, lasts the longest and is far more durable than lower-quality paints. The best quality paint can cost anywhere from $60 – $100 per gallon.

It may be tempting to get the cheapest interior paint – the inexpensive matte paint that can cost anywhere between $10 – $15 per gallon.

However, while this paint can be obtained for much less money upfront, you’ll have to repaint and touch up far more often than if you’d used the best quality paint, such as the kinds Colorwheel Painting uses.

Complexity Of Wall And Ceiling Painting

Due to the difficulty of painting ceilings, they can cost more than interior walls to paint. The costs may increase if your Washington County home has high ceilings.

The good news about painting your ceiling is that there is less square footage to worry about relative to your interior walls.

Trim is also important to consider. Trim can be quite intricate. Painting trim takes longer and requires more painting skills than interior walls.

DIY trim painting can also be tricky – unless you’re a professional painter or someone with a lot of experience painting trim, you take the major risk of being dissatisfied with your trim painting.

Labor Costs – Hiring Professional Painters For Your
Interior Wall And Ceiling Painting

While DIY wall and ceiling painting can be cheaper, you have to factor in the downsides. Most Washington County homeowners aren’t professional painters – many have minimal experience painting interior walls.

There’s also the time required to paint. Most interior painting jobs can take days to complete, and the room can be difficult to live in when it’s under renovation.

Most homeowners don’t have the time to invest in a major interior wall and ceiling painting job. That’s why professionals such as Colorwheel Painting exist to take the load off your shoulders and give you a beautiful, professionally painted space that comes with a warranty.

Don’t risk looking at messily painted trim and paint trails after you complete your DIY paint job. Hiring a professional painting company, such as Colorwheel Painting, ensures the very best quality and speed.

If you’re unsure what the best paints for walls are for your Washington County home, Colorwheel Painting offers a professional color consultation. Contact us today to schedule your free quotefree quote.

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