What Are The Best Prefinishing Materials?

What Are The Best Materials For Prefinishing
Projects In Waukesha County?

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Prefinishing is a process that Waukesha County home and business owners often require during interior painting projects. During prefinishing, materials that have not yet been assembled or installed are painted or stained.

For instance, a cabinet with many doors and drawers may be prefinished before it is put together. This is because such furniture has many components that will be hard to reach afterward.

The process offers multiple benefits. For instance, it ensures consistent results by enabling control of conditions. It makes it easier to finish hard-to-reach areas. It allows inspection of components before assembly to ensure quality and consistency.

Below are some of the top items that often require prefinishing.

1. Doors In Your Waukesha County Home

Doors are often prefinished before they are hung. It simplifies staining if it occurs before installation. That way, painting contractors do not have to paint around the hinges, apply masking tape to the doorframe, or worry about the doorknob. None of these items are in place yet, making the job easier and quicker.

Simplifying the process and eliminating much of the preparatory work shortens project length and cuts labor costs. It also often results in superior results and a better-looking error finish.

Common door materials that can be prefinished include natural wood, composite wood, and even fiberglass.

2. Wood Prefinishing Services For Furniture

Many types of furniture require prefinishing. We mentioned cabinets above, but examples also include end tables, dinner tables, dining room chairs, bed frames, wooden containers, desks, vanities, and more.

These items feature complex construction and require the assembly of multiple wood pieces. Prefinishing before they are put together simplifies the process, ensures good results, and lets the painters identify imperfections in the wood before painting and assembly.

Expensive furniture made of hardwood species like maple, oak, cherry, and walnut are very common prefinishing materials. Even less expensive furniture made of manufactured wood can be prefinished.

3. Moldings and Baseboards In
Your Waukesha County Home

Decorative moldings are profiled material strips that hide the joint between two surfaces. The joint is often between a wall and a ceiling. The molding covers any imperfections or gaps, prevents airflow, and provides aesthetic appeal.

Baseboards, also called skirting or wainscoting, are similar products that cover the joint between a wall and flooring. They, like moldings, are both decorative and practical. Both require painting or staining.

It is much more difficult to paint or stain a molding when mounted. It is often eight feet or more off the ground and, therefore, difficult to reach. It is also in contact with both the wall and the ceiling, so it requires considerable masking to prevent paint from getting on these surfaces. This is why prefinishing is a valuable alternative.

Moldings are often made of wood, stone, or cement. They can and should be prefinished before installation.

Baseboards are often composed of softwoods like pine or poplar, although they are also sometimes made of hardwoods like cherry or mahogany. They may also be made of vinyl or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Any of these can be prefinished.

4. Prefinishing Countertops

Countertops can be painted to fit your kitchen decor and give the room the desired look. However, they should be prefinished before installation. Failure to prefinish can result in unpainted areas or stain getting on walls, appliances, or cupboard doors.

These items are expensive and in contact with or proximity to the countertop. Paint or stain spots could prove unsightly and might be costly to fix. Countertop prefinishing is highly recommended during kitchen remodeling or countertop installation projects.

Common countertop materials include marble, quartz, granite, and natural stone. These can each be prefinished, as can Corian, an engineered stone surface designed by DuPont.

5. Banisters In Your Waukesha County Home

A banister is a handrail structure that runs along a staircase and provides safety to occupants walking up and down steps. It comprises the handrail that users grip, the newels, and the balusters. Newels are the large anchors at the top and bottom of the rail, while balusters are the decorative, vertical posts that support the handrail.

Because the structure of a banister is so complex, the individual components should be prefinished before assembly. Whether you choose paint or stain, the finish will end up where you do not want it if you wait until after installation to apply.

As mentioned above, hardwoods and softwoods are both good candidates for prefinishing. You can also prefinish banisters of metal or manufactured wood.

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