The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Painter

The Benefits of Using a Professional Interior Painter

There are many benefits of using a professional interior painter.  Beyond the most common “I don’t have to do it myself” are the following contenders:

  • Time savings
  • Expert product and process
  • Color experience
  • Safety for yourself
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Quality

Let’s take a look.

Time Savings

Your time is valuable and finite.  When you hire a professional painter for your interior painting needs, you can focus on other more important things.  Many companies also have manpower too.   While it’s true you might be able to recruit a spouse, your kids, or a friend (who you then owe a favor), some professional interior painters have a large full-time staff to put to task.  This staff can be scheduled to accomplish numerous hours of work that most homeowners simply don’t have at their disposal.  Just think, you could spend every weekend for 6 months trying to tackle a project that a professional interior painting company may have done in one week.

Expert Product & Process

The experienced professional interior painting company will have tried many products over the years.  Beware of newer contractors who are beholden to one paint shop.   The right pro educates itself continually about new products too.  It is important to know what is old and reliable, and what is new and worth using.   With these products in a professional interior painting companies’ system, it is easy to then impart a dedicated process.   Systematic preparation, compatible chemistry, safe working to prevent lead exposure, and then disciplined application of topcoats are all necessary.  All of this leads to beautiful painting work that lasts.  This is the kind of interior painting worthy of your investment.

Color Experience

Let’s face it, a professional contractor works with color every day.  A wise one will be able to help you.  If not, the right professional painting company will also have access to leading designers in the area that can help you.  And, the bottom line there is that  if your painter is well-aligned with design professionals, it’s pretty likely they’re a legit and bonafide interior painting company that you can trust!

Safety for You

Ask any E.R. doctor how many ladder accidents come in weekly and you’d be amazed.  Hiring a professional interior painter keeps you off the ladders, even the short ones, and lets you stay safe while the experts do the work they typically do day in and day out.  Hiring a pro also keeps your neck in good working order, your shoulders intact, your back free from further ache, your hand from strain, and so on.  Remember, painting is PHYSICAL LABOR.

Insurance Coverage

Plain and simple, liability, worker’s compensation, commercial auto, and niche coverages that a real professional interior painting company have all protects you!  It is important to get creative about the infinite ways a claim could come against you.  But, not if one is properly protected.   For most homeowners, their own policy may not cover the bill if the homeowner him/herself scratches a floor, spills a gallon of paint across an oriental rug or carpet, and any other unimaginable scenario.


The right interior painting company will have full-time, year-round, interior painters only.  You can’t trust exterior painters to work inside, it’s just a different animal.   And with a great interior painting company, it’ll bring hundreds and thousands of hours of experience to the table.   Beware of the newer firms with hired hands that have little experience.   Instead, professional interior painters create award winning painting, literally.  This type of pro will likely have been featured in local and national remodel award competitions.   It’s likely that one will make the cover of a magazines and consistently work for interior designers of the finest eye.  Those types of accolades mean you’ve found a real professional to handle all your interior painting needs.


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