Signs It’s Time to Refresh Your Interior Paint

When To Paint Your Interior

At times it’s obvious that interior house painting services are needed.  Other times, painting may escape your home radar for years too long.  So when is the right time to paint?  The paragraphs below offer some advice.

Failed Paint

This one is obvious.  If you have peeling paint, blistering paint, bubbles, chipping, or some other kind of paint failure inside your home, it’s probably time to schedule interior house painting services for your home!  The only caveat to this task is to first look into any underlying issue.  Most common, unfortunately, are water issues.  A less common issue may be a lack of insulation.  Another yet might be loose substrate… think a drywall failure or loose plaster.   In any event, after fixing any underlying cause, it’s time to make that home sparkle again.   Mind you, if your home is older, please beware of lead paint and hire somebody who handles it safely! In the interim, use a wet wipe, or a damp paper towel, and wipe up any loose paint chips and dust and throw it away.

Faded Paint

Over time paint will fade.   It can be hard to detect though, because it happens slowly and usually quite uniformly.  What we look for is a certain “freshness” to the walls.  Do they look well sealed, evenly coated, do they exhibit a consistent luster and energy?  Or, do they seem uneven, sometimes cut lines will start to show, or even roller pattern reveals dense and less paint dense areas.   A general rule of thumb is to take care of interior house painting services every 5 to 7 years.  The more sunlight a space gets, the more likely the space will need a change.

Dirty Paint

Most painted surfaces can be cleaned but for only so long.  Eventually, it’s just time to paint.  If your interior walls have marking, marring, scuffs, burnish marks, even dents, dings, or scrapes, it’s time to paint.  And then there’s kid damage like markers, crayons, and well…other things.  While cleaning can help, washing, sealing, and painting sure do go a long way!

When the Mood Strikes

Sometimes it’s just time for change.  You know it, or someone you live with needs it.  For many parents, growing kids need a new look in their bedroom to keep up with their maturation.  For adults, a master bedroom makeover can invigorate the space.   Finally there’s the heart of the home kitchen, family room, and living room… all areas that guest likely see.  If the space leaves something to be desired, it’s time!

When The Home is For Sale

Whether the market is hot or cold, having a freshly painted interior does you justice.  Fresh paint on your interior makes for a clean and inviting environment.  In a hot market, it helps create bidding wars.  In a cold market, it sets your home apart as winner to be purchased.  For more information about buying and selling, and the impact of interior house painting services, please visit


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