Reasons To Hire a Professional Cabinet Painting Service


There are numerous reasons to hire a professional cabinet painting service.  What hit’s home for each person will be different.   For that reason, it’s imperative to consider your own set of circumstances and the variables below.  Here are some of the major considerations:

  • Time
  • Expertise
  • Space


Painting cabinets properly takes time.  Lots of time.  In fact, the average cabinet job requires 80 to 100 hours of dedicated work for professional cabinet painting services who take their time to ensure you receive the best cabinet painting possible.  For the typical homeowner, this is simply not time that they can easily free up.  Just think, you could work all day Saturday & Sunday, and still only be 1/5th of the way complete.  When you hire a cabinet painter, you can go about your normal life while letting the pro’s set aside dedicated time and energy for your home!


Painting cabinets is a process.  Our process is shared in full transparency, and YouTube and competitor sites also reveal similar steps.  However, saying and doing are two different things.  When you work with experts for your professional cabinet painting services, you’re working with people who conduct this work on a near daily basis.    There are no substitutions for the tips and tricks of a pro, combined with the tools and years of experience he or she possess.


The space required to paint a cabinet system is often overlooked.  You’d think, I just need my kitchen.  But that can’t be further from the truth.  In practice, you want your kitchen to remain usable.  That means it can’t be your workstation unless you thrive with chaos.  Every door and drawer must come down, and it has to go somewhere.  You can’t stack them or lean them up against a wall while painting them.  Each must lay flat, and all those doors and drawers will eat up a bigger footprint than you can imagine.   And they have to dry for days on end before you can flip them or stack them again.  That means your basement or garage are goners.  And you’d better hope nobody else touches them!  So, be careful, choose a contractor that can take all the doors and drawers away.  Hire a professional cabinet painting service that has a workshop, a REAL workshop.  Temperature controlled, clean, a spray booth, and more.


At the end of the day, we understand some people will feel confident about doing this all themselves.   However, a lot of calls are made to professional painting companies with frantic homeowners saying “we thought this would be easy” when it just isn’t.  We encourage everyone to carefully consider these three big variables and make a wise decision to hire a professional cabinet painting service like Colorwheel.

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