How To Choose a Cabinet Paint Color

The Selection of a Cabinet Paint Color

For many, choosing colors is scary and nerve wracking.  This is understandable, especially when thousands of dollars are being invested on a project.  Fortunately, many people have paved the way before, and the right painting company has experts on staff that can help show you how to choose cabinet colors too.

Diving In:

To begin in choosing a paint color for cabinets, one must know what is staying and what is going in the kitchen.  For example, are the countertops remaining? Is the floor staying?  What about the backsplash, the appliances, and the ceilings and wall colors?  Try to look at the overall picture.  Analyze the room. Make a checklist.  It will be vital to coordinate with what is staying, and what’s to come.

Next, understand your goal, or define it.  Are you looking for high contrast?  Subtle nuances?  A warm feel?  A cool feel?  What is it that appeals to you?  If you don’t have an idea, there are thousands of resources to turn to.   Pinterest and Houzz are great places to start.  Your favorite home magazines are another.    Better yet is an in person event like a tour of homes, parade of homes, a tour of remodeled homes, or even a cabinet display room.  Remember, when choosing cabinet colors, you don’t have to be as unique as you may think!  You’re not steeling someone’s ideas and there is no shame in recreating -with your own twists- someone else’s design.   There isn’t plagiarism in design.  So, find inspiration, trust your gut, and find a look that makes you happy!

Finally, put steps one and two together.  If you can, find images that encompass the hard elements you’re keeping with other elements you get to change.  It’s common that people work around an existing floor, so find images with a floor like yours and choosing your cabinet colors will be that much easier.  If you have a countertop of a certain style, look it up, and see what others have done with it.  The bottom line is that someone else has done this before.  The answers are out there.  Sometimes it just takes a little digging. If you need help with figuring out how to choose cabinet colors, Colorwheel is here to help. Contact us for more information.

Some Other Tips:

  • there is no wrong, there is only what makes you happy
  • most people will design cohesively with the remainder of the home
  • when in despair, hire a professional painting company with experience
  • or, hire a certified Kitchen Designer or a real Interior Designer
  • use samples to your advantage, or have them made
  • take your time!
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