How Does Your Cost Compare with Others?

Painting services have a wide range of cost from provider to provider.  And Colorwheel’s prices are very competitive with other QUALIFIED and SKILLED cabinet painters.  Of course, defining what qualified and skilled mean may mean a lot more to us than it does to you…. So, we’ll even give you competitor names, because frankly, we want you to choose the best fit for you.

Generally, we are on the higher end of prices people receive because they haven’t really called true competitors.  Be wary, a low price should scare you!  Like it or not, this is capitalism.  Lower prices may mean you’ve found:

  • an exterior painting company that’s trying to stay busy in the winter or on rain days
  • a job that is sold off to a subcontractor at a rock bottom price, meaning unqualified workers
  • someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing
  • spraying in your garage, basement, or never even taking the doors off
  • inferior process and or thin to minimal coats of product
  • inferior product, like soft trim paint, or brittle chemicals
  • no warranty or one full of loop holes

Colorwheel will provide a HIGHLY DETAILED proposal that documents process and product.  Our warranty is also outstanding!

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