Cabinet Painting & Kitchen Makeovers: Tips for Success!

Introduction:  You know that your cabinets can be painted, what’s next?  Here are some helpful reminders to hit a home run with updating your kitchen!

Other Projects To Consider & Sequencing Them

  • Lighting: please do this as an absolute first step, as the hue, total lumens, and placement of lights will all impact how color looks in your space.  From warm to cool, washed out or extra dark, you’d be amazed.  This applies to making successful selection of counters, flooring, backsplash, and even appliances too!
  • Appliance(s) changes: should be done ahead of painting or at a minimum, ensure new selections fit!  If not, cabinet alterations will need to be made in advance of box painting.  Additionally, knowing the finish of the appliances may impact the color choices you make for other items.
  • Countertop(s) selection: should be chosen before choosing a paint color.  Please understand, while there is a limited choice of tops, our paint color selections are limitless.  So, find the top you like, and we’ll find a color that works with it.  The opposite will leave you backed into a corner with a limited choice of counters in both pattern and material style, that match your color.  
  • Countertop Installation:  the way the top overlaps (or reveals) the cabinet boxes can vary.  So, it’s best to have the countertops installed ahead of us painting the boxes.  This isn’t essential, but it is recommended.
  • Flooring: should be done before painting.  This allows a finished floor and trim molding to perfectly adjoin the cabinets.  Conversely, you do not want to paint the lower toe kick and molding, only to have a flooring person rip them out or damage them during refinishing. 
  • Hinge changes: are crucial on the front end.  This allows us to fill any outdated, abandoned holes in the box faces or doors.  The feasibility of a hinge change is also a good thing to predetermine.  For example, if you can’t convert a face hinge into a hidden hinge, you’d want to know that long before you decide to paint because the better option might be having new doors/drawer faces built.  We help with that too.
  • Knob/handle changes: (moving location of them, switching from one to the other, eliminating them, adding them, changing sizes, etc.,) should be known ahead of time.   This let’s us properly address the changes needed, whether plugging holes, making new holes, or getting a carpenter involved.
  • Carpentry: other… adding moldings or removing them (think crown, panel ends, corbels, etc.) should be done in advance.  Same for altering a cabinet box (see appliances), adding a box, or removing a box.
  • Adjacent painting: remember Colorwheel does this!  We’d likely paint the ceiling 1st, cabinets 2nd, and walls 3rd.   Adjacent trim can be done at any time, or even years down the road. 

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