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Colorwheel Painting offers the highest quality residential painting services in Milwaukee. Our painting contractors utilize years of experience and unmatched skill to provide efficient and effective house painting services, bestowing unequaled beauty to you...

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Our Team of Residential Painting Experts

Great people bring great results. Meet Colorwheel Painting's full-time staff.

Mike Madson - Owner

LinkedIn Colorwheel PaintingMike is very active in the grander scale of the business, focusing on improving the business, building the business, and assisting and directing the team in any way needed. Mike preaches the culture, mission, and visions of Colorwheel Painting. He has hand selected the team that follows on this page. For other information about Mike, please visit the website's History Page.

- Andrew Wilson -

Interior Project Consultant & Operations Guru

LinkedIn Colorwheel PaintingAndrew Wilson rejoined Colorwheel Painting as of September 2015 to take on a role of estimator and project consultant. Andrew is responsible for meeting with customers, providing consultation regarding their needs and how our services fit (or in some cases don’t fit), and he then facilitates sending of an estimate through to project approval, and as needed will set up a team on a project.

Andrew has a history with Colorwheel that dates back to 2009, when Andrew was hired on as a painter. True to form with the world being a small place, Mike recruited Andrew after watching him paint for a while on a random jobsite. As it turns out, Andrew went to the same Green Bay high school as the owner Mike, the two of them have parents who worked together in Green Bay’s court system, and they both took part in the same student painting franchise.

Andrew currently resides in Wauwatosa. He is an avid golfer and golf fan, he lives and dies with the Packers. Andrew is humble, sincere, and continually puts the needs of others before himself. Colorwheel has no doubt that Andrew will find success in its system, and find a very rewarding career here.

Dave Huenink Profile

- Dave Huenink -

 Our Newest Interior Project Consultant & Benjamin Moore Product Expert!

Dave Huenink joined ColorWheel Painting as of April, 2018 as an estimator and project consultant.  With over 35 years of paint and coatings experience, he launched his career in the paint industry as an inside sales representative and then showed his high level of commitment by progressing to an outside sales representative. He is an expert and enjoys the challenge in making the best paint recommendations for specific projects.

His customers personally believe in the service/expertise that he provides, how he provides it and his impeccable follow through. Dave is passionate about providing his customers with a smooth and effortless paint experience and brings peace of mind to his customers who have struggled working with contactors in general. He is backed by an excellent professional paint crew.

Dave and his family currently live in Mukwonago.  He is an old car enthusiast and is active in the local chapter in the Model A Ford Club.  Besides old cars, he teaches dog agility and has competed in agility on a local and national level. On Sundays, you can often find him watching the Packers.  

Jim Simon

Jim Simon - Exteriors Division & P.T. Interior Estimator 

Jim Simon is the personable, qualified expert you want to talk to when it comes to repainting the exterior of your home! With a great background, a true passion for customer service and results, and a well built team to support him and general needs around the outside of your home, he will make your exterior painting project a breeze.

Jim formerly owned a franchise painting company, but felt as if it wasn't quite the right fit with their "one size only" attitude, and a constant push to do more, be bigger, move faster attitude. Jim likes to take his time, and do things right. He won't put his name on it otherwise! We're happy to have him on board. He's a proud resident of Cedarburg, although his Kansas accent will surely throw you for a loop. Thanks Jim for being here, we look forward to many years to come!

 Jess, Our Customer Service Representative & Office Support Rockstar


Chuck Thompson - Business to Business Development

The always charming Chuck Thompson came to Colorwheel after hearing our radio ads on 1130AM in the fall of 2013. Chuck studied up on Colorwheel, and was excited about what he saw! He yells with excitement "Mike, it's so cool to get in on the ground floor!" and all I can think is I'm 10 years in!! The funny thing is, he's right. We're headed places; I believe I have built a solid foundation!

Down to details, Chuck brings a very unique perspective to Colorwheel, having been a buyer and purchasing director for most of his previous career. That gives Chuck, and Colorwheel, the distinct advantage of "understanding the buyer" and knowing "the other side" of the equation much more thoroughly. At this point, Chuck is actively engaged in reaching out to other quality, ethical, "put together" remodelers and builders. Yes, we're choosy! He educates, informs, and makes it known that Colorwheel is here, and here to stay. We aren't the typical painting contractor!

In his personal life, Chuck is happily married and has two grown children. He lives in the Wind Lake area.

Christina Lapp - Payroll & Bookkeeping

Our wonderful office manager and my assistant is Ms. Christina Lapp. I know I used to "survive" without her, but let me be honest, adding her is the smartest thing I've done with my business since I got married! Christina, what to say. So much to say. She makes my life awesome here and at this point, I don't know what I'd do without her!

In a nutshell, Christina has a sweet, caring personality. She's a great listener, and she cares about every customer’s experience. She greets our customers in a manner I had only dreamed of. Happily, respectfully, and with appreciation. She keeps this tone going to the very last "Thank you, call us again."

For our own logistics, Christina handles a lot of the customer management from home. She takes calls, returns calls, handles incoming emails, answers customer questions, makes lists for me to do, sets my appointments, does marketing emails, creates databases, sends thank you cards, and operates as my business’ right hand! She holds the company together more than she knows.

Dan Duffy - Professional Painter/Artist

Dan Duffy joined Colorwheel Painting, S.C. in 2009 while the snow was flying. Dan has an incredible attendance record, thanks in many parts (I'm guessing) to his love of coffee. In fact, if you have a pot ready, you'll have a friend for life and a bigger coffee budget to maintain.

Truly, Dan is a consistent, dedicated painter. At Colorwheel Painting, he takes pride in what he does, and he pays attention to details. He never takes short cuts as he wants it done right. Dan will ensure things are done just so. He is courteous, respectful, and always a pleasure to have around. More recently, Dan expressed his desire to become a manager and we have moved him into that position with great success! He is great at what he does, and customers love him.

Aside from professional painting for Colorwheel Painting, Dan is a tremendous artist. He graduated with an art degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We encourage you to visit his website www.duffyartwork.com. You can even buy something from him! Or hire him to do some photography for you! I'm sure he wouldn't mind. In addition to this, Dan is married to a lovely young woman named Naomi. Naomi graduated from the Aveda Institute and is now a hair stylist in our community. The two of them parent a dog named Lola and I’m sure the family will grow in the future.

Jamee Glenn - Commercial & Residential Painter

Jamee has been with Colorwheel Painting since 2006. He is a great fit within our residential painting company and also handles a lot of our commercial painting too.

Like all of our employees, Jamee is a family man, a family FIRST man, which we all appreciate and respect. He loves what he does. He always shows up to a painting job on time, he works late, he puts in overtime on weekends and quite simply, he does what the job takes to get done. To top it off, Jamee shows a sincere interest in advancing his own responsibilities with Colorwheel Painting. He has recently been promoted to managing Commercial Accounts. We'll be sure to push him to new heights, literally and figuratively.

Jamee has exceptional knowledge, experience and character. I think you'll really enjoy having him work for you! And if you want to talk about fishing or sports, you've got your man!

Bill Becklund - Professional Painter, Expert Stainer

Bill joined us in the middle of the summer of 2012. Bill is a seasoned professional Milwaukee painter we were lucky enough to attract and catch! I can't recall if he has 30 or 35 years of experience, but the man knows a lot! Our entire Milwaukee painting company is better because of his addition to the team. We learn tricks from him and he learns about product and newer methods from us. It has been a great blend of "new style" and "old style" techniques and methods.

Bill, like the rest of the staff is extremely courteous, respectful, and dedicated to being a professional. He has a good sense of humor and enjoys joking around with our customers, while still doing excellent work. He brings with him his own tool van, which is a great addition to our abilities. He is an early riser, hard worker, and isn't rattled by much. When I first interviewed Bill, he mentioned he's looking "for a company home" in which to put his last years of employment. I intend to make this his home and feel confident in saying it. In fact, I've now told him he's not allowed to stop working, ever.

Sheryl Zahn - Experienced Refinisher, Painter, Paper Hanger, and Decorative Painter

In the summer of 2014, Colorwheel started to experience a gap in its service offerings. We had leads coming in for all sorts of work that we couldn’t do! Quite simply, we didn’t have the right staff for the job. The specialty jobs. So, I knew I needed someone.

Enter, Sheryl Zahn.

Sheryl is capable and handles the bulk of Colorwheel’s demand for artistic finishing, furniture painting, mural work, faux finishes, and wood refinishing. She is extremely talented. She produces results that very, very few people are capable of doing. Yet, she remains humble and modest at all times. I try to give her credit and she acts undeserving. Well, she deserves it!

As a regular, full time member of our staff, Sheryl helps with the estimating and sales of all these types of “special projects” that she is an expert in. She also works on the projects she sells, and works on all the other projects that Steve, Chuck, and Mike secure. She can paint the ceilings and walls of any regular room, or she can make a wood table look like marble, and the list goes on and on.

Sheryl teaches, and pays her knowledge forward, she puts pride into every brush stroke from start to finish. She is a true professional and we’re so happy to have her!

Josh Phenis - Advancing Quickly from Shop to Trained Painter

Josh is tremendous asset to our team and has been learning and advancing with Colorwheel for nearly 2 years.   Prior to Colorwheel, he bravely served our great country in Afghanistan as part of ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ as a private first class.

This young man brings his dedication, hard work, and capability to adapt to the workplace every day.  He stays positive and has a can-do attitude.  Where there's a will, there's a way!

There is never a time when Josh isn’t willing to exceed expectations, or lend a hand to a fellow teammate. Josh is an extremely eager worker, even choosing to fill his ‘free time’ with other work.

Never wanting to be idle, Colorwheel is always trying to keep him in motion.

We consider ourselves extremely grateful not only for his hard work he performs, but we are also eternally grateful for all the sacrifice and accomplishments he has made for himself, and our country. 

David Gleason - Experienced Painter, Mid-Level

Alex Fuchs -Apprentice Level Painter

Yuriy -Apprentice Level Painter

Ish -Apprentice Level Painter

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