Sheryl Z – Experienced Refinisher, Painter, Paper Hanger, and Decorative Painter

In the summer of 2014, Colorwheel started to experience a gap in its service offerings. We had leads coming in for all sorts of work that we couldn’t do! Quite simply, we didn’t have the right staff for the job. The specialty jobs. So, I knew I needed someone.

Enter, Sheryl.

Sheryl is capable and handles the bulk of Colorwheel’s demand for artistic finishing, furniture painting, mural work, faux finishes, and wood refinishing. She is extremely talented. She produces results that very, very few people are capable of doing. Yet, she remains humble and modest at all times. I try to give her credit and she acts undeserving. Well, she deserves it!

As a regular, full time member of our staff, Sheryl helps with the estimating and sales of all these types of “special projects” that she is an expert in. She also works on the projects she sells, and works on all the other projects that Steve, Chuck, and Mike secure. She can paint the ceilings and walls of any regular room, or she can make a wood table look like marble, and the list goes on and on.

Sheryl teaches, and pays her knowledge forward, she puts pride into every brush stroke from start to finish. She is a true professional and we’re so happy to have her!

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