Jen S

Jen is an awesome person and an awesome painter (both of which are understatements).  We’re so glad to have her aboard.  She’s sweet, kind, thoughtful, and cares deeply about the work she does.  Sometimes she cares so much, we have to talk her off the ledge of concern and stress!   Truly, she is modest, yet so capable.  She has a can-do attitude and maintains a perfect balance of being serious about work and still making things fun.  When you get Jen on your job, rejoice!  She can do just about anything, and is true master of the trade.  We’re confident you’ll love Jen and we’re confident you’ll even request to have her back for more work when you’re ready!

From a recent questionnaire we implemented, here’s more about her in her own words!

– I’m originally from the Bronx

– I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from UW-Milwaukee- 3 1/2 years at The Milwaukee Institute of Design.

– My first job after college was painting interiors for Star Services in 1997.

– I painted faux metal, marble and wood on scenes for the Michael Mann movie “Public Enemies”.

– I helped conserve woodwork made by the Herter Brothers in The Board of Officers Room at The Park Avenue Armory, New York, NY.

– I recreated an ornate ceiling originally decorated by Elmer Garnsey (he decorated the White House too) at The State Capitol in St. Paul, MN

-I was personally asked to wood grain The Senate Room at The State Capitol of Maryland, Annapolis.

-My family: my husband-a decorator and painter whom I love and cherish. We met in a seminar at The Golden Paint Factory (New Berlin, NY) and my two kittens.

-when I’m not working my passion is sewing beaded jewelry and riding my Triumph motorcycle on hot summer days around the city.

-most people including close friends don’t know that I know how to ride English saddle proficiently and I can saddle and bridal a horse.

-My favorite quote: “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition”. – Timothy Leary
-I want to be remembered for my outstanding faux marble, I designed and organized a crew to execute, in St. Anthony, MN at St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.  The PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) mentioned my name in an award for Best Project of the Year.  – My wood grained confessionals at St. Stanislaus Church in Milwaukee. – My ambition for making a living in the trade.
-I’m not sure what the future holds. I hope to find the drive to be an artist again. I used to love painting portraits in oil. I hope to retire someday.
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