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Cabinet Refinishing Can Breathe New Life
Into Your Waukesha County Home Easily

Update Your Entire Kitchen Or Just A Small
Area With Quality Cabinet Refinishing

When looking for reliable cabinet refinishing services in Waukesha County, finding the right team can be difficult. Many local contractors may promise fast turnarounds or low prices, but few match the quality of Colorwheel Painting.

Our team has been a top contractor in Waukesha County since 2004. And we’ve helped thousands of homeowners completely transform their homes through reliable cabinet refinishing services.

No matter the size of your project, our experienced team will work alongside you to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Timely service, clear communication, and no-pressure sales are just a few qualities that have made us such an asset to our community.

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Colorwheel Painting Has Been Waukesha County’s
Go-To Cabinet Refinishing Team For 20 Years

Waukesha County kitchen with beautiful dark wood flooring, white stone countertops, and newly refinished cabinets by Colorwheel Painting

Cabinet Refinishing

Our cabinet refinishing services can help you take your old, boring cabinets and make them feel brand new. All without breaking the bank! We can give your cabinets a touchup that makes them look the same but newer, or you can choose a new color. There are many beautiful options.

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Modern Waukesha County kitchen with light wood flooring, beautiful stone countertops, and newly refinished white cabinets by Colorwheel Painting

20 Years Of Dedication Has Allowed Us To
Excel In Waukesha County For So Long

Our Team Is Committed To Serving
Waukesha County For Many More

Our team has refined our process after two decades of cabinet refinishing. This has enabled us to improve and continually hone our services each year. When you choose Colorwheel Painting, you choose a team that prioritizes quality above all else.

Our Rich History

Since our inception in 2004, our goal has been simple: Provide the best customer experience possible. Over the past twenty years, our team has grown from a small, dedicated team into what we are today.

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Our Philosophy

At Colorwheel Painting, our team understands that every job is unique and should be treated as such. We always take the time to understand your project fully before we begin our work.

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Our Superior Process

Our work begins well before we set foot in your home. From our phone discussion of the project to our in-home meeting and final inspection, we’re always working closely with you to ensure no details are overlooked.

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Our Charitable Giving

Colorwheel Painting is nearly as successful as we are today without our community. And we’ve made it one of our missions to give back in any way we can. This can be through labor gift certificates for painting projects, paint donations, or painter’s kits!

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Waukesha County Homeowners Love Our Work!

See What They Are Saying About Us

Our team is proud of the community reputation we’ve built. While our work speaks for itself, we encourage you to read some of our past clients’ reviews below.

“I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that Al from Colorwheel did an excellent job, and so if you could pass along my thanks to him, that would be great. Everything is looking beautiful. Thank you for helping me create this space we love!”

“Jon worked very hard today to make up for being alone. Here is a photo of how he cleaned up. We told him he didn’t have to do that, but he said, ‘No, no, I have to. That’s the way I work.’ So, I just wanted to let you know that he should be commended on his good work ethic.”
Judy & Dave S.

“I am enjoying your work on and in the house. I do love the results. Warm regards.”

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Waukesha County’s Most Commonly Asked Cabinet
Refinishing Questions To Colorwheel Painting

Q: Why Choose Colorwheel Painting?

A: Our team has been proudly serving the Waukesha County community for 20 years. And since the very beginning, we’ve never strayed from who we are. Honest service, quality work, and A+ communication are just a few things you can expect from our team.

Q: What Do Your Cabinet Refinishing Services Cost?

A: The price can vary drastically depending on the size and difficulty of the project. A refinishing job of just a few cabinets is much less costly than a complete kitchen overhaul. And while our prices aren’t the lowest around, our quality is certainly top-notch.

Q: How Long Does Cabinet Refinishing Take?

A: Location, scope, and other factors can all play a part in the duration of a cabinet refinishing project. While our team works quickly to get your project done in a timely manner, you will never be in the dark. We’ll keep you routinely updated.

Q: What Areas Of Waukesha County Do You Serve?

A: Our team proudly serves many areas around Waukesha County. In addition to cabinet refinishing, we also provide countertop services and cabinet painting services as well.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Colorwheel Painting?

A: Our website has many useful resources if you’d like to learn more about us. Please take a look at some of them below.