The Hidden Value of Hiring a Patient Painter

People tend to oversimplify the process of painting and painting projects in general. It’s just paint, right?! Anyone can do it. And any painter is going to be pretty much fine because of that, right? Well, that really isn’t the case. In truth, there are many tricks of the trade, there are strict processes to follow, and some projects just challenge the best of us! Atop of that, skill level varies, as does the capacity to deal with challenges. Here’s some industry insight on the importance of hiring good painters.

When you seek out a painter, keep the true complexity of your project in mind. Choose a high-quality painting company that has the bandwidth to stick by your side and make things just so. Key is choosing a company with a relatively decent size staff, so they aren’t stretched too thin and just rushing to get to the next job. Key is choosing a company with precise painters that DO have a fine eye, a great detail of patience, and the ability to truly work WITH a customer to pursue optimal results. Know that many painting companies do exterior work well, but lack the skill for precision interior. Know that many painting companies are production minded, where details don’t matter, and they aren’t suited for your interior. Know that companies DO specialize, and that finish results will vary GREATLY from painter to painter (painter being a very loose term).

Case in point follows in an email we recently received:

Good morning Andrew!

Now that we’re nearing the end of the painting project, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for taking on this project! I’m sure you heard we stopped several times & changed the paint color about 3 times! I‘ve never owned a home so difficult to paint but I really sincerely appreciate the patience Al & the rest of the painters showed towards me during the entire project! Your team is truly exceptional! The house looks wonderful & I couldn’t be happier that the yellow is gone! What a difference color can make! Thank you again for everything! I’m currently in Arizona but am looking forward to seeing the completed project & finally enjoying my home!
Thank you!


As you can see, careful selection of the painting company you choose to work with is vitally important. Be smart, do research, truly think about your project and your expectations. While it’s easy to look at this as a commodity service, it isn’t. Your interior likely needs true craftswomen and craftsmen to bring you the results you deserve, and we have high-quality painters that deliver on that promise.

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