Our Owner Mike Madson Wins a Board Seat with NARI Milwaukee, The Largest Chapter in the Country!

Your 2023 Officers and Board of Directors
Your votes matter! Over 60 NARI Milwaukee Members attended Choose + Brews at Leff’s Lucky Town where the 2023 Officer and Board of Directors were announced.

Please welcome and congratulate the 2023 Officers and Board of Directors!

Immediate Past President, Jessie Cannizzaro, MP, UDCP, CRPM Milestone Plumbing, Inc.
President, Randy Miller, CR Allrite Home & Remodeling, Inc.S&E Insulation
Vice-President, Diane Nelson, CRPM Diane Nelson Interiors
Treasurer, Ann Rodrigues, MB, CCP DG Remodeling, a div. of David & Goliath Builders
Secretary, Tom GiesMKE Design Build

Voted into 3 year Director terms:
Dave Hoffman HighPoint Design Build Group
Dave Kallie, CR, CAPS Dimension Design Build
Mike Madson Colorwheel Painting
Bylaws additions results: 4.2.4 Financial Instability – passed4.2.5 Non-Disparagement/Confidentiality – passed

Thank you to our Nomination and Election Teams! Chair, Louis Weiher, CR, CCP, Josh Brown, Dan Callies, MP, Jessie Cannizzaro, MP, UDCP, CRPM, Scott Cline, Randy Miller, CR, and Michelle Brown, DES
Chair, Paul Kraemer, Kevin Anundson, PE, MCR, MCKBR, CR, CKBR, CAPS, Jim Pitzen, CR, UDCP, ALA and Howard Rowell, with confirmation by, Michelle Brown, DES. 
NARI Milwaukee leadership pictured above right to left: Greg Adamec, Julie Davies, Dave Hoffman, Randy Miller, Michelle Brown, Dave Kallie, Diane Nelson, Mike Madson, Jessie Cannizzaro, Matt Geszvain.
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