What’s The Best Time To Paint Your Cabinets?

Colorwheel is often asked, “when is the best time to paint my cabinets?” And the answer is simple, anytime you want! Here’s some common examples of when to paint cabinets:

The Finish Is Tired

Your cabinets could be any age, original to the home, or just a couple years old. The bottom line is how do they look? Tired, worn, or even failing coatings indicate that the time to paint the cabinets has come. There simply isn’t a need to scrap the cabinets, gut them, and do a full remodel. Updating the cabinets you have can almost always make them look like new again!

Stepping into the Modern Era

Color trends shift. Your own preferences may change too. If you have cabinets that just don’t fit the mold anymore, painting them is a remarkable way to update your kitchen cabinets—or any cabinets for that matter. Those dated 70’s tones, even the beige era of the 90’s and 00’s need to go. The opportunity to bring your cabinets into the modern era is now.

Brighten & Lighten the Space

Dark kitchen cabinets can make an entire kitchen feel small, uninviting, and dated. Sometimes it’s just one of these conditions, other times they combine and suck the energy out of a space. As cabinet painting experts, we’ve seen brand new dark cabinets put into homes and they just don’t fit. This is the perfect instance of when to paint your cabinets. New owners often trust cabinet painting professionals like us to transform the space. Hardware changes often come too. In the end, a kitchen can go from blah to WOW just by having expert cabinet painting done.

No Matter the Time, Consider the Time it Takes!

Yes you can have your cabinets painted at any time. And there are many reasons to do it. However, if you have a deadline, keep the cabinet painting process timeline in mind. Give ample time to a painting company to do this job right. A rushed approach will only lead to failures and headaches. Our best advice is to call three to four months from when you’d like the project completed. Obtain an estimate, select colors, and get this process rolling.

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