Cabinet Painting By ColorWheel Painting In Milwaukee, WI

Our Philosophy – We Deep-Dive Into Our Customers

Cabinet Painting By ColorWheel Painting In Milwaukee, WI

Our Philosophy – Learn As Much As We Can
About Each Of Our Painting Customers

We Deep-Dive Into YOUR Tastes So Your
Paint Job Complements Your Style

Homeowners looking for cabinet painting in Milwaukee often discover that their initial consultation with us doesn’t go how they imagine. What they expect is for us to talk ourselves up. They expect us to hard sell them on our services.

You may expect that, too. But that’s not what you’ll get. Instead, we’ll ask you questions. Lots and lots of questions.


Because the more we know about you, the better we can satisfy you. Each cabinet painting, countertop refinishing, or wall and ceiling painting job we do is unique and tailored to the client’s needs and wants.

And we can only provide custom results if we ask a lot of questions. That’s why our first consultation won’t go as you probably expect.

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We Defy Your Expectations So We
Can Exceed Your Expectations

Although that first consultation may not go as you anticipated, the rest of the project will go better and more smoothly than you can imagine. That’s because we defy your expectations in the beginning to exceed your expectations down the road.

You’ll love the results of your cabinet painting job because we’ve taken the time upfront to find out about you. We learn your likes, dislikes, needs, preferences, budget, timeframe, and more.


For the same reason a tailor measures every part of your body before creating a bespoke suit. The suit has to fit you perfectly.

Our custom paint job must fit you perfectly, so we take measurements by asking questions like those below.

What Do You Have Budgeted For This Project?

The first few questions will likely center around your budget. What would you like to spend? Would you prefer not to exceed a certain amount? How flexible is your budget?

Once we know what you want to spend, our expert team can adjust our choices to fit that budget. If you’re looking to splurge, we’ll suggest top-flight materials that withstand punishment and look great for decades. If not, we can cinch our belts and provide more economical – though still high-quality – suggestions.

We’ll also help you find the greatest value.

For instance, If another product provides a steep quality boost without much greater cost than the one you’ve selected, we’ll mention it as something to consider. We’ll do the same if a different product provides almost the same quality for a lot less money.

How Firm is Your Deadline?

It is important that we know when you want the job done.

If you absolutely need the project completed by a certain date, we are happy to make it a priority. We’ll firm up the date and do what it takes to finish by the deadline. We are experienced professionals and can provide speedy work without the poor workmanship you may associate with a faster pace.

However, if the completion date is less firm and we can invest more time, we can suggest a color consultation before the painting begins. We may be able to apply any added flourishes you ask for as we go along. These extra details are often what make our customers happy with our work.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen On This Job?

We often ask homeowners, “What’s the worst thing you could imagine happening on this project?”

Sometimes, they say it’s a broken heirloom. Sometimes, it’s paint staining the hardwood floors. Others say the dog might escape or get fur in the finish. The point is that every one of our clients has a different worry about what could go wrong.

And we respect those worries.

Please understand that, on each residential or commercial painting job, we do everything in our power not to bungle anything up. We take many a precaution, from taping off corners to laying down floor protection. But by asking about the worst that could happen, we can steer clear of your particular fear, even if it seems unlikely.

We ask so you understand we take your concerns seriously.

So, if you’d like to work with a cabinet painting company that invests more time learning about you than selling you services, contact us at Colorwheel Painting in Milwaukee, WI to request a free estimate.

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