Expert Painting Service By ColorWeel Painting In Milwaukee

Our Customer-Centered Process

Expert Painting Service By ColorWeel Painting In Milwaukee

Our Customer-Centered Process Benefits YOU

We Make Your Painting Project A Breeze

We understand that wall, trim, or cabinet painting service can be stressful since it frequently involves the disruption of your home or business. It often means you cannot use certain rooms, and you have unfamiliar workers moving around the area.

However, at Colorwheel Painting, we do all we can to make your project flow as smoothly and with as little stress as possible. We’ve designed each step of our process with you in mind.

From start to finish, every member of our team helps make our painting service as efficient, low-key, and effective as we can.

For instance, our sales reps keep things simple when discussing our residential/commercial painting and kitchen countertop options, while our painting teams try hard to finish quickly without cutting corners, keep out of your way, and avoid causing disruption.

That’s one key reason we are recognized for our customer-centered process.

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A World Of Colors Delivered To Your Door

We have been in business for 20 years, and during those decades, we have perfected cabinet, wall, and trim painting processes built around your convenience and satisfaction. At every step of your project, we are committed to making you happy.

Since the company’s founding, owner Michael Madson wanted to design a service that catered to customer needs, countered stereotypes about painters, and produced consistent results and experiences for our customers.

With that goal in mind, he made countless tiny course corrections along the journey until we reached where we are now, and customers know they always come first. Ironically, putting profit last has been a vital strategy for success!

Let’s explore how our customer-centered process works.

The Initial Phone Call

Our cordial, accommodating staff will take your direct phone calls from 10 am to 3 pm every day. However, you can use the phone voicemail system to reach our sales staff via menu options nearly 24/7. You can leave a message, which we will promptly return when we are at our desks.

Our team will help you connect with the right project consultant depending on whether you need trim, cabinet, or wall and ceiling painting.

We hope that your first contact with us will be with a friendly, helpful individual who patiently takes your information, listens to your needs, and schedules a convenient time for a face-to-face consultation at your home. At worst, that’s all going to happen when we return your message.

The In-Home Consultation

Your project consultant will arrive at your home promptly as scheduled and ready to help you clarify your objectives. The meeting should take around 60 minutes. During the consultation, you and your project consultant will discuss the following:

  • What you want done. Does it include walls, ceilings, cabinets, trim, vanities, or other features? We deep-dive into your wants and needs to clarify the project’s scope and what it will entail.
  • Your budget. The budget must align with your desired scope of work, so please be candid and honest about your budget so we can help you get the most from your investment.
  • A project overview. We will walk you through our process and explain what our estimate covers. We discuss timing and communication and help you manage expectations.

We never pressure you to sign with us or play pricing games. For instance, we never offer steeply cut rates that last only a limited time or throw in services you don’t need for free if you sign up today.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is an effective sales trick, but we never rely on it. Instead, we simply provide the information you need to decide and give you time and space to make a decision.

The Proposal – Our Final Word

In fact, the project consultant will not provide you with the proposal on the day and in the meeting. That document arrives by email within a promised time frame so you can review it thoroughly without someone breathing down your neck. And it is our final word on the subject. Although, of course we’re open to changing it as an agreed upon document.

In fact, we encourage you to read it completely, including all terms and conditions, and use it to compare with quotes from our competitors. Be sure to look at everything it covers – not just the bottom-line price. One little variable, like washing and deglossing your trim can add value to your cost. It is NOT just about painting.

We are confident that we provide so much value for your hard-earned dollar that you’ll realize our price is an absolute bargain.

The Team Arrives

Once you accept the proposal, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out. Your responses help us schedule workers around your availability.

After you send in the required deposit, we can assign you to our schedule.

On the appointed day, our painting crew will arrive at the promised time prepared to get to work. They’ll be well-groomed, neatly dressed, polite, respectful, and professional.

They’ll treat your home as if it were their own. They’ll lay down drop cloths to guard floors and carpets against paint spatter. They’ll wear booties if you wish so they don’t track in dirt from outside.

Every step they take is customer-centered and designed to satisfy your needs and keep you happy.

So, if you need a painting service, consider working with a company that puts you first. Contact Colorwheel Painting in Greater Milwaukee to schedule your free consultation.

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