Give Your Milwaukee Small Business Or
Church A Fresh New Look With
Commercial Painting Services

From Simple Touch-Ups To Bold
New Styles, We Can Help

Whether you want to refresh your small business or church’s old, peeling paint or are simply ready for a bold new look, choose Colorwheel Painting for superior commercial painting in Milwaukee County.

Choose the perfect new color for your Milwaukee County small business or church from our broad palette of colors. Whether you need your hallways and stairwells painted, your walls touched up, or even a bold, eye-catching mural, Colorwheel Painting is the company for you.

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We Offer Prompt, Efficient, And Beautiful Commercial
Painting Services For Your Small
Business Or Church

Commercial Painting Services

Interior Area Painting

Colorwheel Painting can give a fresh new look in any color in any of your small business or church’s interior areas, including but not limited to:

  • Common areas
  • Retail spaces
  • Exam rooms
  • Stairwells
  • Offices
  • Break rooms
  • Kitchens

Wood and Vinyl Work

Colorwheel Painting’s services aren’t just limited to painting. We also specialize in refinishing wood, such as doors and window sills, and staining them in whichever color you choose. We also remove and install vinyl baseboards and recover the walls where vinyl was removed or installed.

Sign Removal

We offer sign removal at Colorwheel Painting, including surface repairs after the sign has been removed and touching up the paint before or after a new sign has been installed.

Color Consultation

Need help determining what colors work best in your new commercial space? Our interior designers are skilled in color consultation and will help you choose the best colors that suit your space.

From calming colors for dental and medical offices to bold, cheerful colors for daycare centers, fitness clubs and company exercise rooms, our team has your back!

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Choose Colorwheel Painting For Your Milwaukee
County’s Small Business Or Church

Choosing The Best Commercial
Painting Services Has
Never Been Easier

We Only Use The Highest Quality Products

Inferior, subpar paints are a dime a dozen. That’s why we at Colorwheel Painting only use the best and most prestigious paint brands for our commercial painting services, including

  • Fine Paints of Europe
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • Hallman Lindsay
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Diamond Vogel
  • Farrow & Ball

By using the best paints, we ensure the highest quality. Our paints don’t fade or peel and stay vibrant long after the paint has dried.

A Philosophy Of Individuality

We at Colorwheel Painting know that each paint job is as individual as the person scheduling it. At our in-person meeting, we ask questions about you and your preferences.

These questions range from the cut-and-dried details of the job (what areas you’d like painted when you want the job finished) to more abstract questions, such as how important daily communication with our painters is and what you think is the worst thing that could happen on the job (so we avoid it, and other pitfalls!).

Some questions might seem odd, but they’re all part of us knowing how we can best serve you and your needs. And, of course, your Milwaukee County small business or church needs.

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Honest, Straightforward Work

Too often, our competitors leave customers hanging or won’t resolve issues that unsatisfied customers bring up. So many painting companies are so large that they don’t see small businesses as valued customers deserving of great service.

Colorwheel Painting was founded on the concept of honest, straightforward business. We answer calls, schedule appointments that we show up for, provide detailed estimates, and deliver results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Honest, straightforward work. It’s what Colorwheel Painting stands for.

Reviews: What Are Milwaukee County Small Business
Owners Saying About Our Services?

Our Customers Love The Results

“I am delighted with the job Colorwheel Painting did on our horrible, difficult-to-paint, depressing stairwell, which had been something I wanted redone for a long time, along with the hall upstairs. It’s a real weight off me to look into that stairwell and see this beautifully done paint job. It glows. Everyone involved was terrific. They were reliable, neat, professional, and nice people. I definitely recommend them.”
– Diane B.

“Colorwheel Painting was really great to work with. They were extremely professional and upfront from my first conversation with them. Rylie was wonderful to work with and always responsive when I had questions. The paint job itself was terrific, exact, and professional. No mess, super accommodating, and efficient. I even wanted a color change halfway through, and Rylie jumped right on it to help me figure out how to make that change most efficiently! Thank you, Colorwheel Painting and team, we will definitely come to you for any future projects!!”
– Nina M.

“This is at least our fourth or fifth project that we have partnered with Colorwheel Painting on. We have used Colorwheel Painting for staining woodwork and doors, patching and painting ceilings and walls, and painting outside siding. All projects were completed with professionalism and attention to detail. Jenny and Sherry were a pleasure to work with. Great job from Andrew with helping to suggest colors that we may not have otherwise considered. Colorwheel Painting does not disappoint.”
– Mary Ann G.

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FAQs: 5 Common Questions Milwaukee County Business
Owners Have About Commercial Painting Services

Q: Does Colorwheel Painting Offer Emergency Commercial Painting Services?

Yes. We know accidents happen – sometimes those accidents are big enough to alarm customers. Colorwheel Painting is there for you on short notice and will touch up or revamp any accident area before customers walk through your door.

Q: Does Colorwheel Painting Offer Mural Painting?

Yes. Our team of skilled painters is experienced in mural painting and is sure to bring your mural ideas to life.

Q: How Flexible Is Colorwheel Painting’s Scheduling?

We know life is crazy for your Milwaukee County’s small business or church, so much so that 9 – 5 weekday scheduling just doesn’t cut it. Colorwheel Painting understands that your time is valuable, so we offer weekend and evening commercial painting services to make things easier.

Q: Can I Request Regular, Scheduled Maintenance For My Small Business Or Church?

Absolutely! Scheduled maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your small business or church looking vibrant and refreshed when life gets busy. We know this is every day for a Milwaukee County small business owner.

Don’t wait until your paint gets chipped and dirty before calling Colorwheel Painting. Scheduled maintenance takes the burden off your shoulders.

Q: What Services Does Commercial Painting Include?

Don’t let the term “commercial painting” fool you. This term encompasses all the other little-known aspects of commercial paintwork, including touching up paint where signs or light fixtures used to be, removing and installing vinyl baseboards, and refinishing woodwork.