How Good is that Warranty?

Warranties…  They make us feel good, don’t they?  Or are you a skeptic?  Or tired of the checkout person trying to upsell you one on a product?!  Ha ha, I get it.  And having lived a decent amount of life, I can tell you I’m both skeptical and yet when I find a good one, it does make me feel good.   In my world (the world of painting), I want to explore whether or not your painter/painting company should have one.  And if there is one, how good is it? With help from Colorwheel Painting, we can show you the ins and outs of a quality warranty for work, whether it be cabinet painting, cabinet refacing, or interior painting. Let’s dive in.

Should There Be a Warranty?

I’d say yes.  A warranty, at a minimum, indicates that someone is willing to admit they aren’t perfect.  It tells you they realize that touch up or rework could be necessary.  On the flip side are people who think that their work is so good, none of that would be needed.  That scares me.  Whether it stems from arrogance or being naïve, I don’t like it.  Painting by nature can create some headaches for even the best of painters or painting companies.  In some cases, we’ve left jobs thinking everything looked fantastic, and returned to see it had faults.

How Specific Should It Be?

Very!  Gray area is bad.  You’ll definitely want something in writing.  Avoid those who simply say “all work guaranteed” or “full warranty” or any similar construct and yet share no details.  Our warranty is in writing, PDF form, and we are happy to provide it AHEAD OF TIME.  Why does that matter?  Trust me, you don’t want to let some shady character go back to their office, edit their warranty document, so they can drop coverage on something you deem a problem. This can cause headaches for any interior painting, cabinet painting, or other painting job in your home.

About Those Specifics…

Believe it or not, there are industry standards when it comes to painting.   And a good contract will mention that work will be done to those standards.  These standards come from the N.H.B.A and the P.D.C.A.  While the inspection standards vary a touch between the two entities, they do lay down some good guidelines.   Beware of those who simply say “in a workmanlike fashion” or in a “professional manner” because hey, a self pronounced professional can have his/her own self prescribed standards.

In Conclusion

I hope this all helped to shed some light on the basics of a painting company warranty, whether it be for an interior painter, cabinet painter, or any other type of company.   Make sure there is one.  Vet it for credibility.  And yes, there are certainly more in depth specifics to review about what the warranty says, but I’ll save that for another post.  To learn more about warranties for your next painting job, get in touch with us today. Oh, and if you want some humor in your life… enjoy this classic clip about guarantees… (close enough to a warranty to make this worth sharing)…




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