Does the owner, Mike, work on the residential painting projects?

No. Instead, you will have one of Colorwheel Painting’s long-term painting managers. It is in their very best interest to serve you well because their pay, bonus, and future is determined by YOUR project’s results, YOUR word of mouth, and OUR reputation in the long run. Mike focuses on the bigger picture of the painting company. He stops in as needed and checks with you, ensuring the painting job is going well.

Can I get separate prices for different residential painting services?

Colorwheel prefers as “lumped together” a project as possible, but understands that people will, at times, require some type of breakdown.  In this case, we simply ask that you, dear customer, try to break it down into reasonable pieces such as “these 2 rooms on one quote” and “these 3 rooms on another quote.”   Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best value we can, and we can help identify where these efficienes/grouped project sizes, lay as well.  We wil not, however, do line by line pricing for the individual elements/features of a room.

Do you help with painting color choices?

Colorwheel can pick out colors for a customer, but would much rather help a customer hone in on a specific color from a color range.  For example, we rarely say “put green in that room” but if you are looking at green colors, we’d help you see the characteristics of each, and help you narrow it down to the right one.

We can also offer insight on frequently used colors.   In the long run, if you feel its appropriate, we do believe interior designers are brilliant with color, and can/should be used whenever budget allows!  We have great people to recommend, and will give names at your request.

I have carpentry needs too. Do your painters take care of these needs too?

Yes and no. The house painters often replace boards on decks, both vertical and horizontal siding, trim pieces around window/doors/corners/soffits, and other minor repairs. If the job is beyond our scope, we bring in one of our preferred carpenters to do these “larger” jobs.

Do your painters paint and stain decks? So they wash and strip them too?

Yes. In Wisconsin’s climate, deck maintenance is a bi-annual commitment. Rain, snow and the sun beat on deck surfaces. Colorwheel Painting, S.C.’s house painters strip, stain, seals and paint decks providing you with a quality job designed to last.